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New York Covid-19 News


The collective, “here we go again,” seems to be echoing louder and louder. Urban areas in New York are on edge and official statements from government and medical leadership sounds eerily similar to September/October of 2020. These are some of the headlines with links to further reading. The piece in The City on researching sewage and animal infections as a means of predicting mutations and infections is very important reading.

In Erie County, executive Mark Poloncarz announced that the county is approaching a metric that may require new restrictions. On July 28th, the county reported 98 new cases of infection. Read more from WKBW.

Mirroring the recent federal mandate that requires all employees and contractors to be vaccinated, Governor Cuomo made a recent announcement this week with caveats between state workers and medical workers. A ‘garden variety,’ state employee must either be fully vaccinated or submit to weekly virus tests. All state medical personnel must be vaccinated. Here is a clip of the Governor explaining some of the nuances of the mandate and current situation in NYS:

The Governors cheerful attitude about the situation in New York City shows a real disconnect between state leadership and uneasy citizens. Most of the residents of the “Big Apple,” have vivid memories of April 2020 when the city averaged 829 Covid-related deaths per day. As Mayor DeBlasio explained to the NY Times, “The Delta variant has really thrown us a curve ball.” That could end up being the understatement of the year….. Read the NY Times piece on where NY City stands today.

The real story on the what the future holds for our communities, can be somewhat predicted by what we are flushing down the toilet. From the beginning of the ghastly bit of shared suffering, researchers used the wastewater from public house, college dorms, and public sewage plants to measure the amount of virus present in specific populations. Now that research has emerged as a form of forecasting mechanism for community spread. The research has created some though provoking issues involving our waste, common pets and city rats. Reading this piece will give you an additional layer of understanding in this rapidly changing environment.

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