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From the Editor, 7/26/21

Reward for Laser Menace, Man Arrested for Attacking Firefighter, Deadly Skunk-Related Death, Bad Gas in Syracuse Area.

Officials are looking for the jerks who are pointing lasers at planes flying into Buffalo International Airport. The source of the lasers is in the Holland and Wales NY area. Read more at the Buffalo News.

A tragic barn fire in Addison NY resulted in a volunteer firefighter being attacked on the scene. The victim sustained multiple broken bones as a result of the assault and will require surgery. The attacker was arrested but not before he had delayed the work of first responders trying to stop the fire. Thankfully the animals were all removed from the burning barn and survived the disaster. Notably, the attacker was released on bail ! Read all about it here.

In Cortland two men were attempting to kill a skunk with a crossbow and it resulted in tragedy. The attempt to assassinate the skunk led to the death of James R. Parker. As far as reports have indicated, the skunk survived. Here is the full report from:

Dozens of motorists who filled up at a Syracuse area gas station are regretting that decision. It appears that due to an underground tank leak, the gasoline being sold was full of water. Many of the unfortunate have had major engine failures, requiring some unexpected expenses of over $1000. Read the local news and find out what gas station this was.

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