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Lawyers can now enjoy cannabis and own related businesses, NYSDEC tickets man for holding wild baby deer captive, Child tax credits for New Yorkers, Farm Sanctuary Reopens in Watkins Glen, and the New York State Fair announces 2021 concert schedule.

The New York State Bar Association, the preeminent governing association for lawyers, sets the rules for how legal professionals operate within the state. When you hear the phrase, “the lawyer was disbarred,” it means they broke the rules and were kicked out of the club. The club has made a new rule that speaks volumes about the new economy emerging. New York State lawyers can now work for companies in the cannabis industry in trade for partial ownership. Another big change is that lawyers may now enjoy cannabis just as they enjoy alcohol without fear of being banished by disbarment. Read the whole story from Reuters

A Liberty NY man was ticketed for putting this chain around this wild fawn. He claimed the deer was abandoned and was trying to help. As DEC officers handed him the ticket, they reminded that only licensed wild life rehabilitators may rescue wild animals. Read the Full Story

Part of the sweeping economic response by the federal government to the Covid-19 pandemic was a notable increase in the “Child Tax Credit,” which is typically reflected in annual “tax returns”. That increase in funding will be provided to families that meet the criteria. Considering that criteria, this will impact 9.5 of 10 Allegany county households. From July until December 2021, parents who claim children under 18 years old as dependents will receive a monthly payment. For those parents who don’t file taxes, they can still apply for the assistance. Read the details.

Walter White at 9 Months

When farm animals need help, there is one group that has been the nexus of the farm animal rescue world: Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen. What they started 35 years ago has boomed into a whole new cottage industry with a mission: “Farm Sanctuary is dedicated to ending farm animal abuse and changing the way society views and treats farm animals.” Farm Sanctuary has had a cult following since the beginning and many have been inspired and started up a little rescue themselves(the author included.) Read about how they plan to celebrate 35 years and surviving the pandemic

The New York State Fair is back in action this year and will host about forty concerts this season at the fairgrounds in Syracuse. Many top name acts from Nelly and Three Dog Night, to the Oak Ridge Boys and Vixen, will play shows August 20th through September 6th. What could be the best deal in the Empire State, $3 adult admission to the fair includes concerts!!! Read up and see the whole list of performers.

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