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Snow Moon over North Hill by Cindy Schreiner

The Golden Crone: 5th of July


Howdy friends! I hope everyone has awakened on the 5th of July with the same number of digits they had on the 3rd.  I hope everyone Arrived Alive and enjoyed celebrating our Nation’s Independence with family, friends and friendly strangers.

  Here in Gold we kept it small. Mr. Crone & I have made the switch to corn bread and iced tea, from pills and 90 proof.

We mowed the lawn, swam in our pool and soaked in the sun. After dark, a few of our neighbors shared fireworks displays and the lawn danced with lightning bugs. My girls traced The Bears with sparklers. Heads in the stars, bare feet in dewy grass. There is no more perfect place than my home in summer.

  Today there are distractions. A rush of honey-do jobs to complete before heading back to the grind. A work week ahead to be prepared for. Reality. But tonight, as evening gathers her skirts the same stars will appear. The same dew will fall, and the same gratitude will settle in my household. Freedom of every nature comes with a cost. I thank those who’ve sacrificed life and limb for my Liberty.

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