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Snow Moon over North Hill by Cindy Schreiner

The Golden Crone: Waking Life


I had one of those magical weekends that you wish would never end. The kind that make Monday morning feel like a prison sentence. The thought of buckling down to spend eight hours inside, away from my family and big, dumb puppy makes my stomach slightly turn..

 I want to play in the sun, cook for my girls, and keep my house in some semblance of order. If I happen to get some quiet time to put energy into developing my own interests before 10:00pm, when my creativity is zapped and my eyes heavy, well wouldn’t that be something!

 All these thoughts meander through my mind just before my alarm chimes at five am. I have a strict rule to always make my first waking thoughts grateful. The mind, like life, is a funny old raccoon. In the predawn light I lost control and dread ran rampant.

  My waking mind accounts for all the aspects of work and routine that I love. Financial freedom, wonderful coworkers, an opportunity to positively impact my community, and independence. And, if I really think about it, am I capable of spending every waking moment with three preadolescent girls and a large, attention starved puppy (feel sorry for him everyone. He’s got it rough!)? It would take some getting used to!

  On this first Monday of Summer I am doubling down on gratitude and nurturing my seedlings. Magic doesn’t happen on its own and that funny old raccoon has a way of raiding my nightly visions until he affects change in my daylight life.

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