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Seeking Dancers For Fassett Greenspace Garden Dance Performance


WELLSVILLE, NY – Are you a dancer? Wellsville’s Art for Rural America & Kate Martelle are working together to create a site specific performance and dance film. Kate Martelle is a professional choreographer and owner of Wellsville-based dance company Martelle Dance Academy. The Fassett GreenSpace, Wellsville’s newest public garden located at 55 North Main Street in the village, will be the stage for the dance performance. The group is seeking 8-10 dancers to be involved in this project. Dancers are preferred to be between 15-45 years old and have 3+ years of experience. The time commitment for this project is one hour each week starting the second week of July. The performance will be filmed in mid-August. 

The vision of this project is to host a public performance as well as film dancers as they move between the garden’s walls, interacting with flowers, herbs, vegetables, and the greenspace’s centerpiece fountain. We want to bring this beautiful garden to life with movement. The group’s focus is on rising again and hope. What better time to focus on such themes than as we’re reopening from a dark time? The original composition and setting will invigorate our creative souls and give something special to the community. 

The deadline to sign up is July 3, 2021. Please contact Kate Martelle at for more information and to apply. Potential applicants can also call Cassandra Bull at 518-937-3234. Follow the Fassett GreenSpace at for additional information and seasonal updates. 

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