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Chaos Continues In Alma NY


The Town of Alma faces yet another lawsuit in United State District Court. The latest, filed May 19th, is from an attorney representing Brian Trask and targets the Town of Alma, Highway Superintendent Daniel Ford and Town Supervisor Ronald Staedt.

The complaint alleges that since February 1, 2019, the Town has refused (and continues to refuse) to pay Trask wages in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. After a probationary period, Trask was appointed to the position of Heavy Motor Equipment Operator on December 7, 2018. However, the Town Supervisor has maintained that Trask did not satisfactorily complete his probationary period. The town board fired Trask, yet he has continued to show up for work with the support of the Highway Superintendent. This is a continuation of a series of litigations that has plagued the town in recent years.

The court filing comes just a few weeks before several hotly contested primary races in Alma. Five people are running for Town Supervisor, four are running for two Council seats, two are running for the highway superintendent post and two are running for the job of town clerk. 

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