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More Western New Yorkers Arrested For January 6th Attack on US Capital


Arrests continue from the mob attack on the US Capital early this year. The Federal Bureau of Investigations has been steadily rounding up the members of the mob who entered the building, destroyed public property, injured 140 Capital Police Officers, and led to the death of one officer. To date, about five hundred of the criminals have been arrested, the latest was nabbed while on the lame in Arcade NY.

William Sywak was arrested at his girlfriends apartment in Arcade this week. Federal agents determined that Sywak and his father traveled to Washington DC, participated in the “Stop the Steal” rally at the National Mall, which turned into a deadly mob. Video surveillance shows the father and son duo meeting inside the US Capitol building despite the Sywak’s attempts to deceive FBI agents. After arresting the elder Sywak, investigators used Google location data to find William at the apartment in Arcade.

Another Western New Yorker arrested, Daniel Warmus of Alden, was bragging to his dentist about being part of the mob attack. After bragging about participating and even admitting to smoking cannabis inside the Capitol, the dentists office reported Warmus to the authorities. Maybe smoking pot does make you less intelligent???

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