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Citizen Reporters Wanted


This isn’t exactly an announcement that we are hiring, but we hope that happens sooner rather than later. Until then we really want to hear from you and plant the seeds for future expansion. Does a particular topic or issue really interest you? Dive into it and submit your report to the Wellsville Sun.

Do you enjoy making short videos that inform, amuse, or capture art? YouTubers, you guys are the future so it would be great to publish your work. It could turn in to a part-time job!!!

Op-Ed’s are sorely lacking on this site. We don’t use comments and we won’t post to our Facebook page if its going to create hostility. It’s your opportunity to go back to the old days; Send a letter to the editor and be part of impacting a larger community conversation. As someone who can remember publishing many ‘print-only’ columns and opinions, it has an impact and we humans naturally want to hear what others have to say about subjects that are important. Oh and people that are really good at them, make money doing it.

So its easy to get started, just send an email to with both ideas and stuff ready to go!!!

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