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Genesee PA Republicans: Kristine Milkeris-Smith Wants Your Vote May 18th


My name is Kristine Milkeris-Smith and I am asking you to vote for me for Township Supervisor in the primary election on Tuesday May 18th. I am asking for votes on both the six (6) and two (2) year terms so that the republican party general election ballot will have a candidate with experience, commitment, and integrity listed on it.

I am a candidate who will bring experience to the ballot. As I am currently serving as a member of our township Board of Supervisors, I will bring one years worth of Supervisor service experience to the general election ballot. I was appointed to Township Supervisor due to my previous three and a half years of service as township Secretary/Treasurer. My experience, knowledge and understanding of the many aspects of municipal laws/codes, history, and financials make me a qualified ballot candidate.

I am a candidate that will represent commitment to Genesee on the ballot. I have spent nine years volunteering and being actively involved within our township. I believe that a “good community” is based on the efforts that people put into it and I am proud to be part of our township. I have had the pleasure of interacting with and hearing about so many community members who have given to our town over the years, we have so many great organizations, businesses and people that make Genesee a good community. I will continue with my commitment to our township by supporting, helping, and praising those who give to our township.

I am a candidate that will represent integrity on the ballot. I have and will remain respectful, professional, accountable, and responsible for my actions and treatment of others. I know that being a supervisor means working with fellow Board of Supervisors, township employees, elected individuals, local and county departments, associations, businesses, volunteer groups and citizens. I will use my integrity in service as your Township Supervisor ballot choice and I will do so with pride and honor.

For the above reasons, I ask you to vote Kristine Smith for Township Supervisor, for both the six and two year terms in the primary election on Tuesday May 18, 2021. If you have any questions about my stance on township matters or want to clarify something you may have heard, I can be reached through email at :

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