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Covid-19: Is This Almost Over?


Governor Andrew Cuomo said, “We are reopening. We’re calibrating to COVID. We are in the home stretch. The end of the race is ahead of us. Now is no time to slow down.”

The New York State positivity rate has steadily dropped to the lowest point since since late 2020 when holiday gatherings created a spike in positive cases. Both state and federal leaders have called for a full reopening of the state and nation for the July 4th holiday. If a return to ‘normal’ for Independence Day is the carrot, vaccines are the stick.

After the Johnson and Johnson vaccine ‘pause’, vaccination rates plummeted as many were clearly spooked over the blood clot complications. This graph tells the story better than words.

Governor Cuomo makes it clear that what happens in May and June, will decide if the state can re-open for the ultimate American summer holiday. Public health officials ask the public to help work toward closing this potential chapter of American history.

Epidemiologists across the nation warn that without having at least seventy percent of the population vaccinated, we are giving the virus an opportunity to continue mutating. Many places in the world had the end in sight last summer before the ‘UK variant’ swept the world and created more surge in cases and deaths. Countries like India and Canada are still in the depths of outbreaks that seemingly are out of control.

The key to reaching that light at the end of the tunnel is clearly vaccinations and maintaining social mitigation efforts like masks and distancing. In Allegany County, vaccines are available at several pharmacies and hospitals. If you haven’t gotten a vaccine yet, get on the list and do your part to reach Independence Day ! Visit the Allegany County Department of Health to get registered.

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