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The Hart Comfort House Plans Re-Opening, Needs Vaccinated Volunteers


A real pride of Wellsville is making plans to open the doors after being forced to close for much of the pandemic. The Hart Comfort House has been providing peaceful end-of-life venue for many hospice patients and their families since 2012. In September of 2020, they were forced to suspend services due to the pandemic. Board members and administrators of the Hart Comfort House issued this statement:

“With the plan of reopening Hart Comfort House in early June, we are making a plea for volunteers who are vaccinated against Covid 19 to come forward to be trained by our staff to become part of our volunteer team.   Our volunteer coordinator has been struggling for over a year of being open to fill the 56 a-week necessary volunteer positions to cover all our shifts.

 To meet all contingencies, we need about 85+ active volunteers to care for our residents.  Please consider helping us open again to serve residents and families, needing comfort and solace.  Call Hart House 585 596 1045 or email   To know more about us, visit our website at

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