Wellsville Sun Actually Operated By Longtime Media Kingpins


After a lengthy investigation into the sudden emergence of the Wellsville Sun, authorities are speaking out on who is really behind the website. “We can’t let the public be tricked into thinking this new source of information is really just Andrew Harris. That is laughable,” said one area news professional.

Investigators have obtained digital messages between Harris and at least two longstanding Wellsville media personalities. First, the founder of WJQZ and the recently decommissioned Wellsville Regional News, Michael T. Baldwin, is in daily contact and even openly contributing to the Wellsville Sun. A link to the latest Michael T. Baldwin Reports

Based on the emails and text messages revealed by the investigation, it’s clear that Baldwin will continue to have plenty of influence over the news in Allegany County and Wellsville, NY. In one terse exchange, Harris expressed the desire to be an independent voice in local news. Michael T. quickly replied, “Andrew, its pretty simple, you play your role and do your thing. Let the professionals do their thing or you might find Wellsville Regional News is very easy to restart.” All indications show Harris was easily put in his place by the veteran newsman.

Second, the longtime Editor of The Wellsville Daily Reporter, now the Editor of the Tyler Morning Telegraph and four other publications in Texas, also appeared in messages that clearly indicated he is still editing the news of Wellsville, NY. Investigators released the transcript of a recent conversation between Harris and Anderson. In that conversation, Anderson can clearly be heard saying:

“I sent you some edits on that ____________________ article. It’s great don’t get me wrong, but a few changes here and there can really make you look like less of an idiot,” Anderson instructed Harris. Investigators have been in Texas attempting to find out just how involved Anderson is with the Wellsville Sun. Apparently, they have uncovered details of the pressure Harris has been under with at least one instance of Anderson suggesting he could move back to Wellsville and “put you out of business in a week”.

When asked for a comment, Harris muttered to himself, “All I can say is that Mr. Baldwin is currently working on a story for the Wellsville Sun that is big. Oh and Mr. Anderson has decided to do a local interest story that I think everyone will like. Outside of that, I’m ok… they haven’t threatened me or my family- yet.”

*** People this is satirical humor, only partly true, and really only funny for Andrew.

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