Greg McAndrew Announces Candidacy For Legislator, District 4


The Wellsville/Andover district has three open seats in the county legislature up for grabs. McAndrew is one of four candidates, and one of two challengers in the race. He joins Fellow Republican James Rumfelt, in challenging Republican incumbents Steven Havey and Gary Barnes in a June 22nd primary election. Today’s drawing for ballot placement was especially fortuitous for McAndrew as his name sits at the top of the ballot.

McAndrew wants to introduce himself to the voter in a way that is straightforward and to the point :

“My name is Greg McAndrew and I am a candidate for District 4 (Wellsville, Andover) for the Allegany County Legislature.

I am running for this office in the hopes that I can provide a fresh perspective on the issues and concerns of Allegany County Residents

I was born and raised in Wellsville, and Graduated from WHS class of 1977.

All of my family are from Andover and Wellsville.

I am a Retired Navy Chief 20 plus years.  I have been employed the past 18 years by the Federal Government at NAVAIRSYSCOM, performing Acquisition Logistics.

I have maintained my roots in Wellsville.

I am Pro –Growth, favoring lower taxes, and disciplined spending.

I am pro Second Amendment.

I believe in sound environmental policies that protect the environment without adversely affecting citizens’ rights and the ability to do business.

My approach to County Business will be as follows.

  1. Why are we proposing this?
  2. How does this proposal benefit the citizens?
  3. What are the risks, how will risks be mitigated?
  4. How is the proposal funded, how long will the funding last?
  5. How does this affect the taxpayers?
  6. Does the proposal drive additional infrastructure or personnel requirements?
  7. Does the proposal provide a return on investment?
  8. If approved and enacted, how will success be measured?
  9. Are there past examples to compare results with?

I am honored to have this opportunity and I respectfully ask for your confidence by giving me the privilege of your vote. “

Greg McAndrew, Wellsville NY

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