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From “The OWL” February 1926


The Reputation Of Wellsville High School

Since our high school was destroyed by fire, we have been obliged to hold classes in any room available. The members of the Congregational Church very kindly gave up there rooms to our use, and without them we could hardly get along.
Some of the students probably appreciate this kindness to a certain extent, but others do not. Through the carelessness of the latter group the appearance of the auditorium of the church is being marred. Nearly every pew in the church has suffered from pencils. One boy used a compass to decorate the back of a pew. He made some very pretty designs, but they do not belong on a church pew. There has also been a great deal of ink spilled. The students have been asked not to use ink in the study hall, but they disregarded all these petitions. The other day a girl entered the study hall carrying a bottle of ink; but before that period was half over, her ink bottle was empty and a large black stain was on the cushion of the pew which she had occupied. The backs of many pews have also been marred by board which the students use to write upon. These boards are a great help  to the students, but they should be handled in such a way that they will not mar the pews. Book racks have been broken and other damage done. These disfigurements must make some students feel ashamed of their school.

The members of the church have been very glad to help us out by giving up the church to our use. But they expect the students to be careful of the furniture. When these people come to church on Sunday and see all these pencil marks and ink spots, what opinion will they form of the students of the Wellsville High School?
  Why not show our appreciation to the members of the church by taking better care of their property?  All the things that were done to mar the beauty of the church were done in thoughtlessness on the part of the students and they can be avoided. Let’s try our best to be more careful and to keep the good reputation of the W.H.S.

                                                                                    Marguerite Gallman                                                                                                   English II

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