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By John Tucker

Covid-19 Vaccine: Changes to the Allegany County Online Waiting List


The online waiting list for Allegany County has been updated to include county residents age 18 and over. Allegany County residents age 18 and over can go to the Allegany County website at and click on the vaccine waiting list. They will need to answer a series of questions and then submit their information to the waiting list. Adding their name to the waiting list is not a guarantee of vaccine at this time.  County residents should continue to check the website and try to register for the Health Department’s clinics. The Allegany County Office for the Aging and the Department of Health will continue to use this centralized waiting list to help register eligible individuals for vaccine at locally owned pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics.

If you have not yet signed up to be on the Allegany County waiting list for the COVID-19 vaccine and would like to do so, you can register on the website.

If you do not have access to the internet, you can contact the Allegany County Office for the Aging at 585-268-9390 or the Allegany County Department of Health at 585-268-9250 press #4 for assistance.

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