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By John Tucker

A Letter From The Publisher, Pussywillows and a Paycheck


The business of providing information is totally new to me. This morning I had my first in-person sales call with the guys at Fassett Lane Building and Lumber. One of the partner/owners, Dan Peters, told me he’s been working at Fassett Lane for 40 years!!!

In less than an hour(that included a pretty standard slapstick routine from the Cornelius brothers), Dan and Butch gave me a reality check about selling advertising in Wellsville. And then, they became a customer who offered overwhelming support and a shared vision of investment in Wellsville NY.

Fassett Lane wasn’t the only well known name who has reached out to support this endeavor. Tim and Eileen Shea were one of the first to reach out and simply say, “We want to advertise and support this”. In one form or another our families have supported each others businesses for over half a century.

Keeping business dollars cycling through Wellsville is paramount to this operation and to those mentioned above. So now I have a little paycheck and I can promise you I’ll be spending some of it at Fassett Lane!!

Another reason to celebrate, maybe the ultimate harbinger that spring is near, pussywillows are popping!

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