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Town of Scio, NY Board Meeting set for Wednesday July 10, read agenda


The meeting is open to the public, starting at 6pm in Scio Town Hall

From the Town of Scio,

Draft Agenda:

July 10, 2024

Called to order with pledge to the flag

Reviewed minutes from 06/12/2024 Board Meeting:

Highway Department
Councilman Lanphier (Highway Department Liaison)

Highway Department expenditures were reviewed.

Water Department
Supervisor Ramsey (Water Department Liaison)

1. Adopt Bond Resolution.

 Water Department report/expenditures were reviewed.

DCO (Dog Control Officer)

New Business: Report/expenditures sent via email by DCO.

DCO’s report/expenditures were reviewed.  
Kennel/Impound Fees for June:  0
Mileage:  35  miles at 0.67 = $22.78


Code Enforcement


New Business:
Community Center Cleaning/Deposit Refund
Rentals on  06/15/24, 06/22/24(Funeral), 06/30/24    -cleaned appropriately and refunded.

Town Justice
Reviewed June fines/fees report.

Justice Anderson: Reports, financial

BookKeeper Reports

Councilman Coats (Emergency Services Liaison)

General expenditures to be reviewed.
NEXT MEETING:   August 14th at 6 pm.

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