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Sinclair: Environmental Health Trust educates US Senate on microwaves


A non-for-profit “think tank” addresses microwaves

Column by Frederick Sinclair

The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Technology recently accepted testimony on “Spectrum and National Security”. Spectrum, being the full band of frequencies used in telecommunications, radio and TV broadcasting, aviation, national defense. satellite systems  etc. The Environmental Health Trust (EHT) is a not-for-profit scientific think tank that promotes a healthier environment through research, education and policy. 

EHT took the opportunity and submitted  a 33 page testimony to the powerful senate  committee hearing. The statement  emphasizes the need to recognize documented  negative health and safety impacts from current exposure to microwave frequencies  and suspend any expansion of the range of frequencies available to wireless communications. It identifies the failures of captured federal agencies to fulfill  their mission in regulating, modern day use of microwave frequencies, which is,  to protect and support  the health and welfare of the people and living environment.  

What is unfolding, however, is the expansion of federal authorizations to place towers and antenna arrays on rooftops. barns, steeples, school grounds, school busses, in residential neighborhoods and to facilitate the launching of an estimated one million satellites into orbit.  There are also additional Federal Communications Commission (FCC) preemptions proposed and telecom sponsored legislation that will further deny local zoning and control of locating microwave antennas. A growing number of municipal and environmental protection organizations nationwide are opposing the FCC preemption of local authority over the placement of wireless facilities.

The solution involves trending the populace toward use of  healthy, faster, affordable, secure, and energy saving  hardwired fiber optic connections; provided at all locations possible.  

Documented adverse effects from RF radiation, which can occur at levels well below the FCC limits, include cancer, oxidative stress, epigenetic effects, impacts to neurotransmitters, memory, brain development, immune, hematological and reproductive systems, flora and fauna. (See (  Radio frequency (RF) human exposure limits have remained unchanged since 1996. The FCC limits are based on heating effects from short term exposures, not non thermal biological effects that result from long term exposure. Eleven thousand pages of scientific evidence on RF exposure were submitted by EHT and accepted into a 2021 US Circuit Court of Appeals hearing record. The subsequent court decision remanded the FCC to consider long-term impacts of wireless microwaves on public health, the environment, the ubiquity of wireless devices, and the major technological changes which have occurred since the human exposure guidelines were established in 1996.  It has been three years since the court order and the FCC has done nothing, but it does appear that the FCC, the  telecom industry and captured lawmakers are in a frenzy to expand frequency usage, install as much wireless technology and launch as many satellites as possible before the truth is revealed to the public. 

For access to the complete EHT submission to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Technology, including numerous links to studies and reports supporting their testimony, go to:

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