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From Wellsville School Board Vice-President Keith Loines: “Thank you again”


Loines was not re-elected to serve a third term in the May 21 election

By Keith Loines,

After taking some time to reflect since the election results were announced, I wanted to take a moment to thank the community for allowing me to serve them and the Wellsville Central School District for the six years. I remain proud that you entrusted me with the responsibility of making sure that the education experience at Wellsville Central Schools was the best that it could be for every child in our district. I met some amazing people along the way, and learned a lot about how a school operates behind the scenes and the trials and tribulations of being a rural school district. It is my sincere hope that my time on the board will be looked upon fondly, and that every member of our community can look upon my six years of service positively.

Though I am disappointed that I did not prevail in this election cycle, I was overjoyed to find a line out into the larking lot when I arrived to cast my vote. Historically, School Budget Elections are not very well attended, but this year the community came out in droves to make their voices heard. The difference between the third available seat on the board was one vote. If that is not enough evidence that every single vote counts, then I don’t know what is. I implore the community to continue to show up for each and every election, whether is be a school budget vote or a Presidential election. I also strongly urge you to attend school board meetings and budget presentations.

Thank you again for granting me the opportunity to serve you. I would like to expressly thank Superintendent David Foster, Emily Peavey, Megan Burdick, Dawn Youmans, and all of my fellow board members for all of your support and a shared goal of making Wellsville Central School the best educational institution that it can be.

Best of luck to the new members of the Board of Education and Go Lions!

Keith Loines

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