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Beautiful tulips on Main Street Wellsville by,Mary Iantorno

Meadowbrook Court kids celebrate over six decades of Easter egg hunting


M.A. Newark, Dan Gardner, Jeanne Harris, and Judy Lynch are still attending

By Andrew Harris, photos by M.A Newark

In a part of the village of Wellsville that many don’t know exisits are a dozen or so homes lining an egg shaped roundabout call Meadowbrook Court. It could be the best place to raise children on the planet.

Four kids who played in the “krick,” road bikes around the “court,” and enjoyed many multi-family events were in attendance last Saturday for another group easter egg hunt.

Surrounding them were great grandchildren, grandchildren, children, old neighbors, new nieghbors, invited guests, and hundreds of easter eggs waiting to be found. Jeanne Harris, plays the Easter bunny and makes sure that the same magic, and chocolate, that she enjoyed as a little girl are in place for the kids.

The hunt is broken into two groups, the big kids and the little kids. Inside the “court,” which is about the size of a football field but shaped like an egg, are lots of easy to find chocolate eggs for the youngest hunters. Outside the court, in the front yards of the nieghborhood homes, are some more carefully placed eggs to challenge the older kids.

All the kids gather around the Easter bunny to await instructions and with the word “go,” the hunt is on for about a half hour. Two golden eggs, one for each group of kids, are usually the last to be found.

Dan Gardner, who hasn’t missed many of these events was all smiles watching is granddaughter taking in her first Meadowbrook Court Easter.

Judy Lynch couldn’t believe where the time went as she stood in her old front yard with her daughter, grandson, and grandkids.

The crowd size of the annual event is currently as record levels thanks to a new wave of grandchildren and some young families who have moved into the neighborhood. As the founding members all stood by watching the festivities wrap up it was agreed that, “this year was a record!”

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