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Wiser’s Wramblings-Remembrance Day Now Wremembered


The Japanese interment ways heavy and “don’t take your guns to town son”

By Chuck Wiser, I write the words to share what my eyes see and my heart feels

I’m not sure if, at the beginning of this Wrambling what I use(d) for my “headline banner” is what you’ll end up reading. You may wonder how or why I say that, as, if I change my mind later why don’t I just edit it and make it correct. By way of simplified explanation I may start out writing on a specific topic planning on doing it extemporaneously, but in my search for a little historical or chronological order of the topical information, I may, and often do, learn that my recollection was incorrect. Or I may discover that my often sarcastic or “flip” style of these Wramblings, isn’t appropriate for the particular topic I was discussing. I will start what follows using what I was going to write about as an opening topic. I will then veer off track a little to add explanations or clarifications as I go along. I despise that side stepping in a “fiction novel” I’m reading as it is hard to keep track of where the story is, or is going. Fortunately, this isn’t fiction. Well, maybe what is in my mind is, but it’s not intentional. I think I will forewarn you with hints that I’m veering.

Veer 1: Some of what I write is based on intuition or perceived recollection. Often, turning out to be subliminal, in that I don’t consciously know or think about that prior to its use. Why do I say that? One of today’s “Wramblings” topics was going to be about memory in general, and recall of specific events, and recent problems with that. I will need to write about that “in the third person” however, as it has been suggested that discussions about memory or what happened that led to that recollection are too personal and, I’m told, people don’t want to read or know that.                          

Back on track: I was going to specifically use the term “day of remembrance” to describe a recent memory event. The word “remembrance” triggered a thought that I recalled something about a “Remembrance Day.” So, I looked it up. Not only was there such a day, but actually, it occurred on February 19th. Ok, “subliminal” kicked in. I did not consciously know, or recall, that Remembrance Day was just 3 days ago.

A grammatical twist of mind makes me think that the word sublime is not related to the word subliminal. They seem to be diametrically, or diabolically, opposed.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

April 1 orders, based on legislation signed on February 19, 1942

The Day of Remembrance (DORJapanese: 追憶の日,[1] Tsuioku no Hi) is a day of observance for the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II. Events in numerous U.S. states, especially on the West Coast, are held on or near February 19, the day in 1942 that Executive Order 9066 was signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, requiring internment of all Americans of Japanese ancestry.

Presidential Proclamation[edit]

In 2022, President Joe Biden issued a presidential proclamation declaring February 19, 2022 as the national Day of Remembrance of Japanese American Incarceration During World War II.

Congresswoman Doris Matsui released a statement noting that on Day of Remembrance, “the Japanese American community comes together to not only reflect, but to tell our story, teach others, and lift up the voices of our community” and noted that all Americans “share the charge to ensure that our country not only learns from, but never forgets its past.”

I often say that: “I live to learn,” and I cherish any and every opportunity to do that. I now know that there is a Remembrance Day, and more importantly, what it does, or should mean to all of us. The continuance of my Wramblings will revert to my typical style and focus. The “teacher” in me still does love to share what I have learned, however.

I guess it’s possible for someone experiencing memory problems to have a lapse, or lack of recollection, of certain specific days, or events. That “lapse” might become apparent when, after several days, things that took place previously might draw a complete blank. You may not recognize items discussed or remember outcomes of various activities. I’m told that this can be a sign of aging, but that’s not terribly reassuring as we all do it. Recognizing, and accepting it, may be stressful, painful or both. One might suggest that we all keep this in mind when we are dealing with people that fall into that category albeit perhaps not yet knowingly. Or so I hear.

Grammar Groans or Giggles: I learned one new word and was reminded of another from my recent readings. The first was Oleaginous. I can’t remember the exact sentence it was used in, but it read to me as if it was sarcasm. It may very well have been, as the word derived from something that is “oily or greasy” and means: “exaggeratedly, or distastefully complimentary.” In my reading of its meanings the word obsequiously was used. This one, meaning “obedient or attentive to an extensive or servile degree.” Without being specific or getting too offensive, these words appeared in a recent newspaper accounting of recent political activities.

Something that very likely has been obvious to others for a long time finally chimed a bell of recognition in me. Have you noticed that your vehicle remote chimes or beeps differently when you are pressing the button for locking or unlocking the doors. I noticed recently that there may be just one beep, or there might be two beeps. Do you know why? My guess is that it is intentional, and one beep means “lock” and two beeps means “Unlock.” So what? Lock has one syllable and un-lock has two syllables. (Lock-beep, Unlock-beep beep). One day this week I got smarter, and one day just a little less dumb. Regardless…I am still Wiser, but maybe not by much.

Gun violence once again seems to be on the increase. Gun control is a hot topic and is very personal to some. The Second Amendment, and its application or interpretation, is a rallying cry for many people and the beliefs and passion regarding both sides is very confrontational, and personal. The “right to bear arms” is an “absolute,” and is probably the only part of that constitutional amendment that is universally acceptable. It is the interpretation and implementation that steers us down different tracks. Can you own a “long rifle?” Absolutely! Can you carry it in public? Not quite as “absolutely”. Where and when are the major points of contention.

Common sense is not so “common” in this regard. Can you own a “revolver? Absolutely! Where and when you carry or display it, again are points of contention. “Concealed Carry” is an “odd-ball” spin off related to both of these firearm types. Different states address this differently. Some states have interpreted, or applied this, in how concealed carry is addressed. Some states require you to have a permit to carry your revolver “concealed.” Some states require you to have a permit to not conceal it if you have it. The defining difference is likely affected by the term “permitless”. Some states require a permit, others don’t.

Recently more and more shootings are occurring. They have taken place within a group of people, or an event or in a mob, bringing this question to mind in the first place. An argument between, or among, different individuals resulted in several of the participants drawing their revolvers and the shootings resulted. Many resulted in injury, and some in death. All were tragic.

I wholeheartedly stand by and support the second amendment. I have long guns and pistols. You can plead personal defense till the cows come home, but I cannot understand, nor agree with, the need to carry a pistol with you everywhere or anywhere. This isn’t supposed to be the “Wild West,” nor need it revert to those days. I cannot fathom the need for you to take your pistol to a social gathering. “Yeah but, the other guy…” should not be an arguable defense. There is no justifiable need, in my mind, for anyone to have to carry their pistol (or AK47) in public, whether concealed or not.

If you have comments, concerns, criticisms, or suggestions regarding my Wramblings, or about topics you also question, or are curious about, please feel free to contact me directly at I have recently heard from a few readers concerning my articles and deeply appreciate the direct contact. I sometimes include a discussion and/or clarification from them in subsequent writings, but without attribution. If it is appropriate to share the writers name I do, and will, seek  approval.

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