Wellsville Volunteer Ambulance Corp gets thank you from family involved in November school bus accident


A serious car-bus accident occurred on the morning on November 23, 2023

From the Wellsville Volunteer Ambulance Corp, pictured with the O’Brien Family

On November 27, 2023 the Wellsville Volunteer Ambulance Corps., Inc. responded to an MCI in the Southern Portion of our district. The incident in question drew a large response from agencies in NY and PA and left many of our providers wondering what the outcome of the incident would be.

About a month ago, the Chief Officers of our Agency were contacted by the family of one of the subjects involved in the MCI. The family wished to extend their sincere gratitude to all personnel and agencies involved in the incident and provided us an update on the progress of one of the victims. Throughout the last month, lengthy conversation has been had with the family and they requested to visit our facility and meet some of the personnel who were involved in the incident.

This morning, members from Wellsville Ambulance were honored to meet with the victim and share some time conversation about that day and receive an update on his healing and progress.

Pictured left to right: EMS Chief/Paramedic John Fleischman, 1st Asst. EMS Chief/AEMT-CC Lucas Greene, AEMT Laurie VanTreese, Driver Hunter Greene, Paramedic Brian Jones, The O’Brien Family, Rescue Chief Christopher Martelle, Rescue Technician Greg Taylor, and 1st Asst. Rescue Chief/Paramedic CJ Irish.

Wellsville Ambulance would like to thank the O’Brien Family for taking time to reach out to us and we wish them continued success on their healing journey.

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