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American Legion Boys State: Looking for a few “good young men”


Attention high school juniors!

From the Allegany County American Legion,

The Allegany County American Legion is currently searching for boy’s in their Junior year of high school to participate in the American Legion Boys’ State.  It is our earnest hope that each young man who attends Boys’ State will return to his community a better citizen then when he left.

He will have a desire to demonstrate this fact by his willingness to make civic contributions which will help make his community a better place in which to live. 

Boys’ State is sponsored by the Department of New York American Legion. 

The objectives of Boys State are as follows: 

  • To develop civic leadership and pride in American Citizenship.
  • To stimulate a keen interest in the detailed study of our government.
  • To incite in theses in your citizens a determination to maintain our form of government. 
  • To develop in these young men a full understanding of our American traditions and a belief in the United States of America. 

In addition to their government work, participants will attend information assemblies with guest speakers, such as former Boys’ Nation representatives, elected officials, members of the military and a public speaking expert, to name a few. 

A softball game, basketball and tennis tournaments will be held as announced in assemblies.  Boys who play instruments are encouraged to bring their instruments to join the band. 

Boys State will be at Morrisville College starting June 28, through July 3, 2024.  This is no cost to the family.  Local American Legion will pay all costs.  Deadline for application is April 12, 2024.  For interested individuals contact your school guidance counselor, local American Legon or Allegany County American Legion Adjutant at

Learn more about Boys State and Boys Nation, founded in 1935 /

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