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Great News: Genesee Valley honor roll students!


Principal’s Honors, High Honors, and Honor roll accomplishments

From Genesee Valley Central School,

The administration of Genesee Valley Central School announces the following students, grades 9-12, have been named to the Honor Rolls for the 2nd quarter of the 2023-24 school year.  A student named to the Principal’s Honor Roll recognizes students who have an average of 93 and above.  The High Honor Roll recognizes students whose average is 90-92 and the Honor Roll recognizes students whose average is 85-89.


Grade 12:              Morgan Bentley, Kendra Bigelow, Molly Hannon, Fisher Herdman, Karlee Jones, Chrystal Larson, Emilya Mejia, Hunter Nickens, Jade Rounds, Callin Shipman, Jamie Szalay

Grade 11:              Emily Brown, Kallie Burdick, Brayden Cooper-Osterhout, Xander Murray  

Grade 10:              Jacey Davis, Byron France, Nolan Hunter, Kenton Shultz, Whitney Young

Grade 9:                Riley Blarr, Addison Bradt, Kylee Christensen, Trent Hutchison, Bryan Kear, Addison Middaugh, Kayla Wedge


Grade 12:              Clayton Babbitt, Johnathon Baker, Kimimela Ball, Cassidy Hand, Dakota Hemphill, Alivia Marra, Erin McIntyre, Kolton Moore, Alexander Osborn, Jacob Rizzo, Ellaina Scholes, Lance Vohs  

Grade 11:              Liberty Clarke, Ryan Daciw, Aubrey Geoppner, Daphne Gugino, Mackenzie Marciano, Keanna Sands, Seanna Stocking

Grade 10:              Graham Bradt, Bryce Davis, Ryker Holmes, Meara Kelley, Rylee Ordway, Lannden Tilton, Cody Webster

Grade 9:                Ash Bauer, Derick Grantier, Tanner Herdman, Zackery Mapes, Dominick Miller, Maks Stocking


Grade 12:              Christian King, Madison MacKenzie, Liliana Porter-Long

Grade 11:              Logan Burrows, Reagan Butler, Mackenzie Button, Haelyn Clark, Paul Cleveland, Rhianna Cowburn, William Edwards, Hope Ford, Salvatore Gambino, Makayla Hutchison, Ty Hutchison, Marah Mellinger, Hunter Newman, Evan Turybury, Gavin Weaver, Tyler Wedge

Grade 10:              Cree Bulkley, Logan Callahan, Cole Cochran, Bryson Covell, Ethan Davenport, Zachary Davis, Mason Fanton, Izak Hutchison, Ian MacKenzie, Charlotte Mejia, Tristan Metatos, Madolyn Young

Grade 9:                Dorian Barnes, Landyn Burrows, Damon Davis, Parker Davis, Gabrielle Geoppner, Elivia McIntyre, Ian Miller, Chilaleah Ormsby, Trenton Whitsell, Peyton Young

Honor Roll list for students attending BOCES:

High Honor Roll:

12th Grade:          Clayton Babbitt, Morgan Bentley, Dakota Hemphill, Fisher Herdman, Molly Hannon, Karlee Jones, Emilya Mejia, Jade Rounds    

11th Grade:           Kallie Burdick, Liberty Clarke, Paul Cleveland, Rhianna Cowburn, Marah Mellinger, Seanna Stocking

Honor Roll:

12th Grade:           Johnathon Baker, Kimimela Ball, Erin McIntyre, Kolton Moore, Alexander Osborn, Jamie Szalay, Lance Vohs

11th Grade:          Logan Burrows, Reagan Butler, Mackenzie Button, William Edwards, Hope Ford, Hunter Newman, Zachary Thomas, Evan Turybury, Tyler Wedge, Jacob White

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