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The Quickening; connecting the dots in 2024


Predictions, philosophy, standing up against evil

A column by Frederick Sinclair, pictured is Rudolph Steiner

In connecting the dots of current troubling world situations, a pattern emerges which reveals a common denominator and unified driving force behind much of our world chaotic situation; the nature and scale of which rivals that of an infectious pandemic and is best and simply defined as evil. But, where does it come from?  Evil has been defined as the absence of love and wisdom and the opposite of life. Oddly, the spelling of the word evil is the word live in reverse. Is the upside down, backward and underwater feel of current events evidence of this?   The Cree nation, indigenous to the Americas and Canada, speak of Wetiko as being an extra-dimensional mind virus having possessed the individual and human collective consciousness. Wetiko is a narcissistic, psychopathic mind parasite; void of compassion, empathy, ability to love, respect or exhibit integrity. Sound familiar?  

Numerous predictions for 2024 indicate a year of increased chaos and societal challenge. I predict continued intense physical upheavals in addition to a shocking revealing of previously withheld truth. Profound revelations will stir human awareness and quicken an awakening to the divine spark within us.  As we humans endure the rude awakening, and each in our own way contribute from our  pure divine spark, we will stand strong together and without fear against the forces of evil.

In researching concepts in inter-dimensional exchange we run across Rudolf Steiner, 1861-1925, who was one of the most prolific and gifted scientists, philosophers and esotericists of his time. Steiner was a social reformer, architect, founder of the Waldorf School, biodynamic agriculture and the anthroposophical  society (early homeopathic) medicine. He placed no limits on the potential for human knowledge, practiced Christian Gnosticism and believed that evil and hostile forces from other dimensions influence and feed on anxiety and fear exuded from humans.

An important takeaway from Steiner is “ When humans have no anxiety and fear, then these creatures starve.” – Rudolph Steiner

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