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Column: Truth will out, regardless of resistance to UFO disclosure


Will advanced technologies become public knowledge ?

by Frederick Sinclair

The United States Congress is investigating Special Access Programs (SAP) ; forcing the full disclosure of unauthorized secret government programs, allegedly operating  outside and above the law of the land. Lawmakers are seeking to hold intelligence agencies, the military and select corporations accountable for the siphoning of hundreds of billions in tax dollars for unauthorized and undisclosed secret activities. Most of these activities involve what are currently being referred to as Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), more commonly called UFOs.

The UAP Disclosure Act of 2023 was introduced, as an amendment, to the 886 billion dollar defense budget approved on 12/14/2023. Unfortunately, during recent House and Senate deliberation, over the final wording of the Act, Senator Schumer stated that “important elements of the Disclosure Act were removed but nevertheless, we did make important progress. For the first time the national archives will gather records from across the federal government on UAPs and have a legal mandate to release those records to the public if appropriate. This is a major win for government transparency on UAPs and it gives us a strong foundation for more action in the future.” “I want to assure the American people that Senator Rounds and I will keep working to change the status quo.” Schumer said.   

The current focus of Congress investigating SAPs involves disclosure of classified scientific discoveries and activity to be released under the proposed ‘UAP Disclosure Act’. Special congressional committees have taken testimony that as many as nine UFOs have been recovered and reverse engineered, revealing advanced technologies. These technological advances have also allegedly been utilized in experimental military and top secret projects. The use of high technology in weapons does indeed involve national security and is understandably classified. However, advances in generating energy,  propulsion and other hitherto unknown technologies could also hold solutions to pressing threats to humanity and the environment. Surprising whistleblower testimony also claims many of the reported UFO sightings are actually our own SAP creations, testing highly sophisticated reverse engineered technologies that employ advanced methods of energy generation and propulsion systems. A decorated fighter pilot, in describing his UFO encounter, testified before Congress “any aircraft that can traverse light years in space and perform maneuvers at lightening speeds without any heat signature or indicator of exhaust peaks my interest.”

Developments in quantum physics and increased understanding of subtle energy sources have set the stage for mankind to evolve from the century old forms of energy production to the harnessing of electro-magnetic forces from nature. Nicola Tesla and other scientists identified and experimented with free sources of energy over a century ago.  Large corporations, powerful cartels and even the US Patent office have allegedly suppressed scientific advancements in energy and propulsion. Negative impact to the energy industry, and trillions invested in current forms of energy production and distribution, could be a major underlying reason for resistance to the disclosure of new energy systems. Amnesty has recently been proposed for the influx of whistleblowers whose activities may have been illegal. The initial emphasis is on bringing the tools mankind needs out into the open, not placing blame or inflicting punishment.  Those speaking out indicate that for decades, inventions and or patents have either been seized by the government in the name of national security, production rights have been black shelved (buried)  and inventors have been  threatened or murdered.  The federal government patent office has historically placed surprisingly low limits on the levels of efficiency energy inventions could attain.   

Imagine the impact of a device, easily located in every home, business or vehicle that could extract electricity from the natural environment.  No burning of fossil fuels, generation of nuclear wastes, sacrifice of land to solar or wind and no need for the fragile infrastructure of transmission lines. Every user would have the means of energy extraction and be secure in their energy needs.  If successful,  the road to disclosure and implementation of next generation technologies will  not only heal the environment, it will secure energy freedom for future generations.     

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