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By Andrew Harris,

Every week our team publishes dozens of news articles, opinions, sports, and community events. Our readers are voraciously loyal but, very few have the time to read everything.

Some stories also really deserve amplification and acknowledgement as essential reading.

This newsletter will give you an overview from the week past, things that shouldn’t be missed, and should be highlighted. For example, this week the amazing story of a deputy who rescued a snowy owl, along with NYS Department of Environmental Conservation reports of busting deer poachers.

Did you know Western New York outdoor journalist emeritus Oak Duke writes for the Sun ? His “In the Outdoors” has been a must read for over three decades. This week Duke wrote column reflecting on the end of the general deer hunting season.

‘Banned Books,” have been in the news both locally, and nationally. Read the perspective of the top librarian in the Southern Tier and a guest column from Janis Carson on the public meeting in Cuba NY over the book, ‘This Book is Gay.”

Do you have the latest on the Village of Wellsville’s decision to force the sale of a parking lot using eminent domain proceedings? You’ll find a link to that story in the newsletter this week.

Hopefully this this gives you a good idea of why to subscribe and what to expect. Now, unless you are already signed up, here is how to get the Sunday Sun in your inbox every week:

Starting next week, we’ll also start using this newsletter to give you a jump on the week ahead. You’ll get a glimpse of the stories we are working on, events you don’t want to miss, and other exclusive content.

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