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NYS redistricting ruling draws reaction from the right, and left


NYS Senator George Borrello condemns, Governor Hochul applauds appelate court decision

The never ending battle to redraw the congressional districts in New York has taken another turn, this time in favor of state Democrats. The challenge to the most recently approved map was brought by Governor Hochul and Attorney General James.

State Senator George Borrello, representing the 57th district, lashed out against the ruling:

“The Court of Appeals decision that the congressional maps drawn by an independent expert should be thrown out and replaced with gerrymandered maps created by New York’s Democratic machine is deeply disappointing. The ruling confirms that Democrats have successfully weaponized our courts and tainted the last truly independent branch of state government.  

It is also a veiled message to New Yorkers that the ‘will of the people’ won’t be honored unless it aligns with the will of New York’s corrupt ruling class. The accountable, transparent redistricting process that state residents voted for has been thrown aside. It has been defeated by brazen political ambition and corruption.

Here in New York, where the wreckage of their radical policies surrounds us, Democrats know they can’t win on a level playing field. That is why they have and will continue their efforts to rig the system through the courts and through slanted and often unconstitutional electoral laws and processes.” 

Governor Kathy Hochul and NYS Attorney General Letitia James issued a joint statement:

“Today’s redistricting decision will ensure all New Yorkers are fairly and equitably represented by elected officials. As the Court of Appeals reaffirmed today, district lines should be drawn by the Independent Redistricting Commission. We will continue our efforts to protect voting rights for all New Yorkers.”

In April, Governor Hochul and Attorney General James submitted an amicus brief in support of efforts to redraw New York’s Congressional district lines rather than leaving the lines drawn by a court-appointed special master in place between now and the 2030 census. In their amicus brief, Governor Hochul and Attorney General James noted that the State Constitution is clear that the State Legislature must have the opportunity to remedy electoral maps found to be invalid by a court. They also noted that since the problem that led the Court of Appeals to approve the involvement of a special master — the short time to impose new electoral maps, with only months to go before the 2022 primary elections — no longer exists, the electoral maps drawn by the special master should not be used for the remainder of the decade. The decision by the Court of Appeals means that new Congressional maps will be drawn and submitted to the Legislature for review.

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