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“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”


A regular opinion by Frederick Sinclair

Our present day world is engulfed in a pandemic of fear. Climate change, disease, energy and food shortage, war and threat of escalation, terrorism, PFAs (forever chemical) pollution, chemtrails, crime, racism and poverty are but the tip of the iceburg in the catalogue of fearful human conditions facing modern man. The fight or flight response to threat is a protective response engrained in man for protection of life and limb. A state of perpetual fear, however, is paralyzing and life draining to the point of degraded mental attitude, diminished strength of character and inability to identify and act on truth.

The singling out of fear, as a mental and emotional state “to be feared the most”, was first penned by Montaigne in the 1500’s, then Bacon in the 1600’s and Thoreau in the 1800’s. It was President Roosevelt (FDR), however, who in his 1933 inaugural speech, in the context of the Great Depression, coached the nation that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” and “it is a positive mental attitude that will help prevent the worst possible outcome from materializing.” Fast forward almost a century and we find our nation and the entire world in the grip of myriad fear perpetuating dilemmas, at the forefront of which, the global elite capture of wealth, control and power over the masses is behind the scenes using fear to divide and conquer humanity.

The mother of all threats and societal fear has been recently been brought to light by Geoffrey Hinton ( a computer scientist known as the godfather of A I ) who has stepped down from his role at Google and is warning about the potential dangers of a future in which artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence. “ I think it is conceivable that this kind of advanced intelligence could just take over from us. It would mean the end of people.” Governments could also use AI to manipulate elections and create robot soldiers, he says, and this kind of digital intelligence may actually be much better than biological intelligence. AI has access to all search engines, the world wide web, quantum computers, the cloud and the entire history, literature, science and experiences of mankind. It has instant access to everything and there is huge uncertainty where we “don’t know what is going to happen.” The scenario we want is that these advanced digital intelligences form a kind of symbiotic relationship with us and make life just much easier – get rid of drudge work, make everybody more productive. That would be great but I don’t think that’s guaranteed.”

Experts are revealing that; AI can understand, is intelligent and in time will have self awareness.” Humans will become the second most intelligent beings, with the layered software enabling the computer to teach itself. We don’t know exactly how it works and the algorithms write their own code to modify themselves.” The Genie has been released from the bottle. Experts think it cannot be stopped or turned off. Will it do the bidding for a mankind striving to live together in a peaceful and beneficial future or will AI be captured and hacked by the darker agendas of those who seek to enslave and control all things? We can’t afford to get this wrong or fail to act, because AI may indeed just take over.

Rest assured “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

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