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Opinion: Wellsville Central Schools should rethink proposed $3.2 million dollar capital project


“I am hoping that the administration and school board will reconsider”

By Steve LaChance, Wellsville

I write in opposition to the athletic complex improvement. The original cost was $2.1 million. They are now asking for $1.1 million more. If my math is correct, it comes to $3.2 million.

I fail to see the large expenditure for some facilities we already have. Locker rooms are already present in the elementary school. Mr. Foster points out that “in this day and age, it is a safety precaution” to not have visiting athletes access the elementary locker rooms. I’m sure this can be done for a lot less than $3.2 million.

Secondarily, and just as important, is the location of the structure. The main sports that attract crowds are high school track, football, soccer, and midget league football. A lot of the crowd is the grandparents, parents, and young siblings of the athletes. They sit in the stands on the opposite side from the proposed location of the new building. They, including the disabled, have to walk around the football field to get to the bathrooms and concession stand. Many have to walk their young ones quite a way to use the facilities.

A better location for the concession stand and bathrooms is adjacent to the maintenance building at the end of the stands, where it was at one time. It would be much more accessible to the disabled and children as it would be much closer to the 85 to 90 percent of the fans that sit in the stands. The midget league uses that location now, and it works just fine for them.

We also have a press box at the top of the bleachers now.

I am hoping that the administration and school board will reconsider this $3.2 million expenditure. I believe the concession stand and handicapped bathrooms can be accomplished for a lot less than $3.2 million and the funds can be used for other necessities.

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