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By Lacey Gardner

Letter to the Editor: “Are we communists?”


Ashlie Green asks for compromise in parking lot dispute

Hello, long time Wellsville resident here. My family settled here in the 1860 and we have remained. I wasn’t able to make the meeting last night but wanted my opinion heard/considered. I am completely against using eminent domain to take a man’s property. It’s not right, and I don’t believe any of us would like it If it were happening to us, this is his legally owned property. Plain and simple and regardless of how it’s been used in the past. Sure it makes other businesses upset because it doesn’t benefit them, but what if for some reason, eminent domain was used to take one of their storefronts because for some reason, the town decided it just needed it to better the good of Wellsville. Can you imagine the outcry from some of the exact people that want to take his property away, just to benefit them?!

Are we communists??!?!

They need to come to some kind of deal where the property is purchased legally, and regardless of appraisals the seller has the upper hand in setting how much they want the property sold for, which seeing is how this tiny area seems to be so important and valued the market value would be much higher than what the appraisal value has been!!

My house was appraised at $52,000 but I was able to have a purchase of $90,000. Appraisals mean nothing when there is high demand involved. Location location location….

If the town can take this, what else will they take when they feel the need to do so? Main Street is great, but just look at all the businesses Wellsville has chased away. It’s shameful. Wellsville is more than one strip of road that we seem to base all our decisions on…

Try having some negotiations and come to middle ground if possible. After all this, though, it might be too late and I wouldn’t blame the owner at all for that. It sounds like some of the people in the town wouldn’t mind using more taxpayer money because they feel that it is invading their shops livelihood. You want it so bad then pay for it. And if parking is so important to downtown we could use the $4 million grant we received.

We don’t take others people’s property just because we want to or just because other businesses are upset. Pay what he’s asking or leave him alone!

Ashlie Greene

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