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Paula Clayson, candidate for Alma Town Council, makes statement


“We all live here together, and we all share the burden”

By Paula Clayson, Alma NY

My name is Paula Clayson, and I am running for Alma Town Council. I have lived in Alma with my husband and sons for over thirty years. I chose to raise my family in Alma because my husband was born and raised here, but I choose to stay in Alma because I truly love our town. Before I became involved in local politics, I never really thought about what made a town, but after listening to the people who live here, I realized the people are the town. We all live here together, and we all share the burden of the decisions made by our town board, good and bad. It is because of those decisions that you, the residents of the Town of Alma, have become well-informed and critical voters.

Over the past few years, I have kept you informed about your local government and how your tax dollars have been spent. I have live streamed board meetings and have been your voice at board meetings, reading statements you sent for me to read at the meetings, questioning spending, and holding the town board accountable for their actions.

If elected to Alma Town Council,

  • I will carefully scrutinize how your tax dollars are spent and reign in run-away spending.
  • I will seek to bring businesses into Alma to help reduce your tax burden.
  • I will pursue all options for the Town Clerk to have open office hours at least sixteen (16) hours per week.
  • I will push to update, file, and enforce the Town of Alma Code of Ethics, giving you an important tool against abuses of power.
  • I will work to create and enforce policies and procedures that follow the laws and are followed by all town officials and employees.
  • I will fight the current mindset that has been outsourcing our appointed personnel and push to hire local residents to fill these positions.
  • I will work to reduce unreasonable fees and keep all revenue within the town.

You deserve better, and I will continue to listen to you and take your concerns directly to the table where they belong.

Look for Paula Clayson on the Republican Party line.

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