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Letter to the Editor: Alfred-Almond School Board members praised for “standing up for the 1st Amendment”


By Cristel Rodd, Alfred-Almond District Resident

I have been involved for many years with Alfred-Almond Central School District, going to Board Meetings for years and since the past year I have decided to step away.

Last night, I decided that I needed to go and attend the School Work Session, due to a proposed Policy change for Public Meetings:

Excerpt from the proposed Policy: “The public is not permitted to discuss topics unrelated to the District, matters unrelated to the agenda, and/or matters involving specific individuals.” 

I would like to applaud and thank the 3 Boards members Jason Burdick, John D’Angelo, and Maeghen Kuhn for raising their objections with statements like “not reasonable, outrageous, and what is the point of Public comments?”. Thank you for standing up for the 1st Amendment of the Constitution! 


Christel Rodd

Alfred Almond District Resident

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