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Introducing the Alle-Catt Cannabis Company


Delivery service to Allegany and Cattaraugus County

A focus on local farms and producers like Greenside Cannabis in East Concord NY

From the Alle-Catt Cannabis Company,

With great joy, New York State has legalized cannabis and ended the madness. Unfortunately the process of legalizing the plant and creating a marketplace has proven difficult. Most of Western New York is still without a licensed dispensary.

We are grateful that delivery is an option for Cattaraugus  and Allegany County NY and are happy to announce the Alle-Catt Cannabis Company. Powered by the Canterra network, Alle-Catt brings adult-use cannabis in its many forms to you. The process is simple:

  1. Visit and shop! Don’t miss the featured products grown by your local farmer. Shop for THC produced all over New York State. Follow Alle-Catt on Facebook
  2. Place an order and either pay online with the Dutchie network or pay upon delivery. The driver will be able to accept payment with debit/credit card.
  3. Watch you phone for texts to inform you about delivery. The order process allows you to choose a date and timeframe that works best.
  4. Have your NYS ID with you! The driver must scan and verify your identity to make the sale.
  5. Enjoy your order, let us know what was good, great, or spacegrass!!

After a “soft launch” over the weekend a longtime connoisseur of the ancient herb had this to say about delivery from Alle-Catt:

“Super convenient for people like me that can’t get out to shop for product like I want to. Quality of the product was better then I was expecting from what I’ve tried so far. The blue berry muffin strain is 10/10 as advertised.”

That happier than usual customer got the House of Sacci Blueberry Muffin

Alle-Catt Cannabis will be offering everything on the Canterra network of NYS grown products but will putting a bright spotlight on the farmers close to home. We hope someday to support a healthy network of micro-farms in Cattauragus and Allegany County that represent our long history of growing some of the best cannabis in the world.

The Western New York and Southern Tier of New York have long been known as the Emerald Triangle of the East, in reference to the legendary northern California region. Both climate and light cycle have proven to be ideal for growing cannabis. We have generations farmers that can now transfer knowledge, genetics, and processes without fear of running afoul with the law.

Stay tuned for announcements from cannabis farmers Allegany, Cattaraugus , and all over the “Emerald Triangle of the East.”

In the meantime please check out and marvel at the whole new world of cannabis in New York State. Get connected to us on Facebook for indepth features on growers, farms, special strains, and product promotions.

Follow Alle-Catt on Facebook

Check out the offerings from Greenside Cannabis, just outside of Springville NY. Formerly Waterman’s Greenhouse, this family farm is transitioning to the future!! The sour apple is mighty tasty!

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