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More FBI activity at 296 Scott Avenue in Wellsville, road closed


The address has been tied to a federal criminal case and suspicious death

By the Sun Investigative Team(SIT)

Last month federal law enforcement officials launched a pre-dawn raid in the village of Wellsville at 296 Scott Avenue. Today several agents returned, dressed in full hazmat suits, to continue the property search and collect more evidence.

Early in August, flash grenades woke neighbors in the early morning hours. Dozens of federal agents found no one was home and conducted a property search, seizing evidence. At the time the reason was unclear although reports of a recent death at the property suggested foul play.

Ten days later the Buffalo News and the Wellsville Sun broke the story that had ties to a federal criminal case and a deceased exotic dancer. According to that reporting, Crystal Quinn was found dead days prior to the FBI raid. Quinn was a witness in the federal case against a Buffalo man, the second witness to perish while Paul Gerace Jr awaits trial.

Until today, no new developments have been reported. The Buffalo News did an update on the story, read that in full here.

Read our previous reporting on this rare FBI precense in the Village of Wellsville:

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