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Message in a bottle on Keuka Lake is a reminder and rememberance of Summer Phillips Fawcett


Read the message please

By Andrew Harris, picture from Nancy on Norwalk

In May of 2022 a sweet little girl lost her life in a house fire. Summer Phillips Fawcett was a beautiful seven year old from Norwalk Conneticut who’s story can be read in the reporting cited at the end who choose to read it.

Summer Phillips Fawcett

For this story, we are making sure you know that a random Keuka laker found this message in a bottle today near Barrington. They shared the message on social media, which was dedicated to Summer:

Found today floating out in the middle of the lake near Barrington – 💙 Keuka!

“If you are reading the letter then it means it was meant for you💙 Keuka Lake is our most favorite place in the world.

I hope you know you are loved and are a beautiful person. Your light shines so so bright. I hope you read this and feel loved.

Never give up. Everything you want from life will come to you. Everytime you see a rainbow, think of this.

In loving memory of Summers Phillips Fawcett

Named after many beautiful summers here.”

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