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Meet Hornell’s Johanna Elattar


A new writer and contributor to the Sun

Johanna brings diversity, experience, and a “commitment to shedding light on societal matters and the human condition

Johanna’s biography

Johanna Elattar is a writer whose roots span across diverse cultures and lands, influencing the rich tapestry of her storytelling. Born in Alexandria, Egypt, Johanna’s heritage is a vibrant blend of her mother’s Eastern European Jewish, Italian, Greek, Turkish, and Ukrainian ancestry, and her father’s Middle Eastern lineage. This intricate heritage has woven its way into the very fabric of her narratives.

Growing up in the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, New York, Johanna’s upbringing was a fusion of worlds, enriched by her father’s dual identity as both a lieutenant in the army and a passionate painter and writer. This fusion of artistic and disciplined influences would leave an indelible mark on Johanna’s own creative journey.

Johanna pursued her academic passions at Brooklyn College, where she delved into the realms of literature and art history. It was here that she nurtured her innate storytelling skills and honed her ability to weave words with depth and purpose. Her literary ambitions bore fruit at the young age of 22 when her first written works found their way into publication.

With a small yet close-knit family, including a lone sibling, Johanna’s unique familial dynamics and personal experiences have fueled her exploration of profound themes. Her literary explorations extend into the realm of social consciousness, where she unearths the often-overlooked facets of society, notably delving into issues like homelessness. Simultaneously, she navigates the shadows of dark fiction, crafting tales that offer a glimpse into the enigmatic recesses of the human psyche.

Johanna Elattar’s writing encapsulates her multifaceted identity, weaving threads of her diverse heritage, her Brooklyn upbringing, and her commitment to shedding light on societal matters and the human condition. As her journey as a writer unfolds, her words continue to be a vehicle for introspection, empathy, and the exploration of the intricate interplay between cultures, identities, and the stories that connect us all.

Read some of the work that Johanna has already contributed to the Sun below. We look forward to reading more from her and her unique perspective.

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