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Sometimes Things Don’t Go As You Planned 


Traveling with a disability can be a challenge

By Vincent Martinelli, pictured at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, PA

Another difficulty of living with a disability is that you often have to rely on other people. Sometimes things come up and your caregivers are unable to work. Unfortunately, such a situation arose and I was unable to travel to Hershey Park.

However, I will tell you about my trip two years ago to Philadelphia and Atlantic City. Most of my travels are done in my accessible vehicle because for someone in an electric wheelchair flying is a nightmare. Being in my wheelchair for extended roadtrips is uncomfortable and often painful. As you would imagine trying to find handicapped parking for a high profile vehicle with a ramp in any city is near impossible.

While at my destination I had to monitor my ventilator batteries and if they got too low I had to find somewhere to plugin. In addition, I had to have my suction machine with me at all times to keep my lungs clear. Overall, accessibility was good, but I had to sleep on a roll-away because my lift wouldn’t fit under the regular bed. It was a really fun trip except when my portable lift broke and they aren’t easy to come by.

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