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By Craig Braack

The Sun is shining again! Thank you for your patience!


Over 24 hours of site maintenance was necessary for our growth and improvements

By Andrew Harris

Thank you to everyone who sent an email, text, or message asking us, “What’s going on? The site is down!!” It is nice to be part of so many daily lives and we had dozens of what can be called a digital “welfare check.” We are happy to say that all is well, just doing some planned techincal work that is just about finalized.

I’ll spare you the technical mumbo jumbo and simple report that we are preparing for the future and this little delay will be a big deal for our future plans. You may still see a few glitches in the coming days but the computer whiz kids behind the site work tell us that the site will not be offline again for more than a few momentary updates.

We have a boat load of news to catch up on so be ready for news from the Ridgewalk, V-Ry the Sports Guy, Bob Confer’s column on the media, news on bail reform, and the news of two recent deaths in the community.

If you ever are in doubt about the status of the Sun you can always email me at

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