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In this issue: Hornell Humane Society Needs Our Help, Stony Brook State Park, and Ask Jeff Ryan Common Insurance Questions

Let’s Get Behind Our Friends at the Hornell Area Humane Society! Our friends over at Virbac have started something awesome called the #EveryPetProject. Each month, Virbac donates $2500 to 2 animal charities across the U.S. These charities are nominated by veterinarians and pet parents alike! Join us in nominating our very own, Hornell Area Humane Society, for a chance to make a difference in the lives of our companion friends! 🐾💕It’s easy peasy and only takes a couple minutes of your time! Click here to cast your vote!
3 Interesting Facts About  Stony Brook State Parkemail-image
This month, we uncover three fascinating facts that make this park truly remarkable. How many of the following facts did you know?
Ancient Geological Features: Did you know that Stony Brook State Park boasts geological formations that date back eons? Carved by the powerful forces of glacial activity, the park showcases breathtaking shale gorges and towering cliffs, creating a dramatic landscape. The Park’s Waterfalls: Stony Brook’s cascading waterfalls, such as Lower, Middle, and Upper Falls, offer a symphony of sights and sounds. The falls’ owe their origin to park sitting within the Finger Lakes region, an area renowned for its unique topography formed by glacial activity during the last Ice Age.The Park is a Sanctuary for Biodiversity: Stony Brook State Park is not only a visual delight but also a haven for diverse plant and animal life. The park’s unique ecosystems provide a habitat for numerous species to thrive. The park is the home to several unique flora and fauna, including vibrant wildflowers and lush ferns to elusive songbirds and graceful deer. 
We here at the Ryan Agencies have a great appreciation for connecting with the natural world and uncovering the hidden treasures within our local surroundings.  Stony Brook State Park offers a unique and enjoyable opportunity that is nearby and is easily accessible at 10820 Route 36 South Dansville, NY 14437.  To Learn more, visit:
Some Common Insurance Questions AnsweredWe know that your family’s insurance can be a challenging topic to understand and effectively navigate.  That’s why our team is always ready to assist you with questions and concerns.  Below we have compiled a list of some the question we are frequently asked and provided links to answers. 
During an Accident, If My Airbags Deploy Does It Mean My Car is Totaled? 
My Home Was Damaged by a Falling Tree.Is Hiring a Private Insurance Adjuster a Good or Bad Idea?
Is There Any Value in Changing Auto or Homeowners Insurance on a Frequent Basis?
What is Meant by Accident Forgiveness on an Insurance Policy?
If I Rent Out My Home, How Does It Impact My Homeowners Insurance?
Have additional insurance questions?  We LOVE to help! 
Please feel welcome to visit our insurance blog at or to give us a call at 607-324-7500.  
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