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By Lacey Gardner

Allegany County special needs Pre-K students will learn at CA BOCES Belmont Center for 2023-24 school year


Read statement from Cattauragus Allegany BOCES

“In addition to Career Technical Education and Community Learning opportunities, Cattaraugus Allegany BOCES provides exceptional education programs for over 500 students with disabilities.  These programs are provided within school districts as well as CTE Centers and other sites such as RISE Academy and the Big Picture Schools.  

Many factors go into determining the locations for BOCES classrooms and learning centers, including available space, sufficient staffing, and program requirements.  

For pre-school programs, providers such as BOCES must meet New York’s Pre-School regulations and deliver the services identified on each child’s individualized education program, which often includes services such as speech, occupational therapy, counseling, and physical therapy.  By placing classrooms of students with similar needs at the same site, we are able maximize the expertise of our staff and best meet the needs of students, who come from different schools.  

Within Allegany County, students in the pre-school program at the Belmont Center will receive their services and have the additional benefit of an integrated Early Childhood program, including the Center’s age-appropriate playground.  

While we remain sensitive to concerns that can arise when classroom locations change, these changes are only made after careful consideration.”

Carol Fial
Assistant Superintendent for

Exceptional Programs
 Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES
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