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Robert Lewis, Rexville NY’s oldest man, turns 101


Born June 12,1922 in Rexville, founded Rola Farms

From the Family of Robert Lewis,

Learn more about the life and times of Robert Lewis, a Great-great grandfather.

Family: Two marriages totaling up to 14 children

Grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren, Lewis is pictured above at his 100th birthday.

Living history: He lived through the great depression and through World War 2.
Warren Harding(1921-1923) was US President when he was born. His favorite remains to be Ronald Reagan.

Occupation: Retired farmer and logger who started Rola Farms of Rexville Ny and passed it on to family. It is now the biggest farm in Rexville.

Hobbies: He now likes to drive around the countryside and watch the farm chop corn silage, look for different wildlife, and take random dirt roads to scare his wife Amy. He likes to drive his side by side that his son Lyle gave him. He spent a lot of time driving that to talk to the windmill crews last summer.

Personality: His sense of humor is right on point. Very knowledgeable on many topics and is a great person to just visit with. Any family that doesn’t visit and meet him are truly missing out

If you know Robert, visit our Facebook page and send him a Happy 101, his family will relay the messages.

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