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Get involved Wellsville! Key meetings for $4.5 million dollar development fund June 14 & 21


Time to get serious about capitalizing on massive state funding opportunity

By Andrew Harris

The time to for talk and speculation about how to the Village of Wellsville can best utilize a $4.5 million dollar award from New York State is over.

If you have a potential project that you would like to have considered for full or partial subsidy then it is time to act. This Wednesday June 14 is a formative meeting of the parties investing with a specific project. The meeting will start at 6pm in the Village of Wellsville board room and this is the chance to launch your project with the help of the NY Forward grant.

We’ve discussed this grant and the process with committee members and Mayor Shayler in detail. Because this is really the beginning of the process, and it is a time sensitive process, lets break the current landscape using the two key upcoming meetings:

Wednesday June 14: Submit your project ideas

This meeting isn’t for dreaming or brainstorming, this for solid plans and ideas that could benefit from this opportunity. You can expect projects like the Old Depot, the “Grand Theatre”, or ……………….. to be brought forward during this meeting. If you or your company have a solid idea for expanding, improving, or building you should be at this meeting. The program is ready talk with you about the prospect and help move the idea forward.

Bring your ideas, any drawings or details are great, the committee and consultant will be on hand to help.

If you can not attend, please contact the consultant to be sure your project gets proper attention. Committee members realize the short notice may preclude some from attending but that is NOT a prerequiste for taking advantage of this opportunity. See contact information at the end of this article.

June 21 Public Workshop at the David A. Howe Library

This meeting is for you, the person with a great idea, a vision. Maybe you have no intention of investing or working at this dream, but it is a dream worth bringing forth. We all know that many great things began without millions of dollars or without investors. This meeting is the time to throw ideas at the wall and see what sticks, to make a suggestion that might be the spark to a huge idea.

The key players in this process will be in the room and ready to act as a guide and sounding board. Maybe your idea doesn’t fit the bill? Maybe your idea is solid gold and can take the next step?

Attend this meeting and learn more or, if you can’t be there, please be sure to use the contact information below to get your idea on the board.

These two upcoming meetings are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, if you either want to use this $4.5 million dollar grant or if you just have a great idea. The window of opportunity is open but it won’t be for long. New York State is ready to aggressively invest in Wellsville, but……. if the projects and investment opportunities are not presented, this money isn’t forever. All parties have made it clear that the $4.5 million isn’t in the bank, it must be earned by great ideas, community engagement, and good-old-fashioned American ingenuity.

Want more information? Can’t make the meeting ? This is the key contact:

Derik Kane, AICP, CNUa

LaBella Associates | Senior Planner

716-551-6230     direct 716-551-6281     office

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