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Genesee Valley Central School Triumphs at Springville Pageant of Bands: GALLERY


“We marched at the fastest speed possible through the rain!”

From Genesee Valley Central School,

The Springville Pageant of Bands, a long-standing event in Western New York State, once again brought together talented musicians from various regional school systems for a weekend filled with musical competitions and performances. Students from Genesee Valley Central School (GVCS), under the direction of Alva Robbins, showcased their musical talents by securing top honors in multiple categories at the 59th pageant.

The GVCS Jazz Band earned first place at the competition, with Raygen Haggstrom leading the way with several solo moments throughout the music. “The highlight of the event was seeing all of our hard work pay off,” shared Raygen. “We put a lot into all of our pieces, including countless hours of rehearsals to perfect everything.”

In the Percussion Ensemble category, the Genesee Valley Music Program earned another first place showing. Max Wedge, the lead “garbage man,” led the ensemble with an electrifying rendition of the piece “Stinkin’ Garbage.” Dressed in construction garb, the percussionists synchronized their beats on metal garbage cans, creating a unique musical experience.

The Concert Band received a first-place finish for their performance of two rehearsed pieces, along with a third piece that they sightread with senior Adison Grusendorf leading the way from the percussion section.

The highlight of the pageant for ninth grader Nolan Hunter was the marching band competition: “While we were marching, it began to downpour on the whole parade, soaking everyone in the band. We marched at the fastest speed possible through the rain!” The Marching Jaguars, directed by senior Kylee Lorrow, splashed through puddles and the rainy conditions to secure a second-place finish in the category.

Whitney Young, a GVCS ninth grader who played flute for concert and marching band and baritone saxophone for jazz band, expressed gratitude for her first time attending the pageant. “A highlight for me was getting to play music in a competitive atmosphere,” she commented. “One of the biggest things I took away from the pageant was being able to have this experience with my band mates and having memories that will last forever.”

With six trophies in hand, including the prestigious Grand Achievement trophy for the entire festival, the GVCS Music Department emerged as the top competitor at the pageant.

Mr. Robbins, who has accompanied GVCS students to the pageant for more than two decades, commented, “I’m extremely proud of our students for their professionalism and perseverance throughout the pageant. It was a powerhouse weekend for the GVCS Music Program!”

Raygen Haggstrom shared her pride in Genesee Valley’s showing. “Seeing all of our hard work pay off is an over the moon feeling, especially for the younger kids,” she shared. “Hopefully it gives them motivation and drive to want to continue working hard. I love the music program at Genesee Valley and I’m so proud to be a part of it.”

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