Acute labor shortage causing service industry woes


The Rosebush in Alfred NY pauses operations due to staff shortage

By Andrew Harris

Yesterday, the popular Alfred NY eatery, The Rosebush, made this announcement:

The Rosebush maybe suffering more than others because they operate in a “college town” economy, but they aren’t alone. Nearly every food-service business is in a “pickle.” Depite the rapid increase in wages since the pandemic, businesses like The Rosebush can’t find for the work. This is true in almost all the grocery stores and local delis, and food service isn’t the only troubled labor pool.

Mechanics are in short supply, along with retail clerks, school staff, and manufactuaring labor. They have been seeking more employees and when they find candidates it doesn’t seem to work out very well. As one manager of a popular local deli put it:

“It seems that whenever we do find someone to fill a job, they work a few shifts then just stop showing up. We’ve even had a few that didn’t even finish the shift, they just walked off.”

With the pandemic in the rear-view mirror, increased wages, and hundreds of jobs available locally one has to wonder: Is this the new normal? Stop by our Facebook page and chime in.

*The Rosebush plans to return but not until the college students, and labor pool, return to Alfred.

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