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Wellsville track and field continues great season; Wellsville baseball drops extra-inning game to Livonia


Wellsville’s Jack Davis clears a hurdle to finish second behind teammate Xavier Scott.

By CHRIS BROOKS, sports editor,

WELLSVILLE — The sun was out. The sky featured a clear blue sky with no clouds to be seen. Long story short, it was as perfect of a Thursday night to enjoy the great outdoors.

For the Wellsville track team, they would embrace every moment and every challenge their meet alongside Bolivar-Richburg and Fillmore would present in strong fashion, navigating their way towards a sweep against both the Wolverines and Eagles on Thursday.

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For the boys squad in their 110-27 and 125-13 wins over Fillmore and Bolivar-Richburg respectively, the Lions collected first place finishes in almost every single event on display, with Xavier Scott, Ayden Faulkner, Kamron Dodge and Grady Ball all recording at least a pair of top finishes to go with the team’s complete sweep of all three relay events along the way.

Faulkner was the team’s top finisher with three medaling performances, garnering his wins in the 400 sprint, long jump and triple jump. Scott added in his two wins on the track, scoring winning times in the 100 dash and 110 hurdles. Dodge performed a long-distance sweep on the track with his triumphant times in the 1600 and 3200 runs, while Ball brought out the brooms in both throwing events, garnering winning distances in both the shot put and discus.

Other individual winners for the Lions include Evan Billings in the 200 dash, Noah Joslyn in the 800 sprint, JT Mariotti in the 400 hurdles and Brayden Riley in the pole vault.

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As for the Lady Lions, they followed a similar path themselves, as they posted 11 total first place finishes to go with a pair of top relay finishes in the 400 and 3200. Kaylee Oswald would lead the way for the team in their 102-28 and 107-24 wins over Fillmore and Bolivar-Richburg with the team’s second sweep in both throwing events, taking the wins in the shot put and discus. On the track, Ella Green and Sam Bidzerkowny performanced a long-distance sweep themselves with wins in the 1500 and 3000 runs.

Other individual winners include Edahlia Sebastian in the 100 dash, Kylie Ackerman in the 400 sprint, Talia O’Connor in the 400 hurdles, Brooklyn Dahlgren in the high jump and Addy Clark in the pole vault.

Fillmore would place second overall with 59-40 and 46.5-43.5 victories over the Wolverines for both the boys and girls squads. On the boys squad, only one first place finish was recorded. That being from Ray Muzaid-Omar, who had the winning height in the high jump. As for the Lady Eagles, they garnered two first place finishes from Rachel Hatch, as she medaled in the 200 dash and 100 hurdles.

The Wolverines were paced by three first place finishes by their girls team, two from the field by Ryleigh Kemp and Carmen Crowley, as the two competitors swept both events in the sand bunker with winning distances in the long jump and triple jump each. From the track, Raegan Giardini added a 800 sprint victory.

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Boys Team Scores: Wellsville 110, Fillmore 27; Wellsville 125, Bolivar-Richburg 13; Fillmore 59, Bolivar-Richburg 40.

100 – 1. Xavier Scott (WLSV) 12.5, 2. Henry Sardina (FIL), 3. Evan Billings (WLSV).

200 – 1. Evan Billings (WLSV) 26.7, 2. Reece Brantley (FIL), 3. Jadon Bromley (FIL).

400 – 1. Ayden Faulkner (WLSV) 58.9, 2. Eli Strickland (FIL), Collin Perkins (WLSV).

800 – 1. Noah Joslyn (WLSV) 2:12.8, 2. Ernie Lipscomb (FIL), 3. Jack Davis (WLSV).

1600 – 1. Kamron Dodge (WLSV) 5:45.8, 2. Nathaniel Flansburg (WLSV), 3. Sean Driscoll (WLSV).

3200 – 1. Kamron Dodge (WLSV) 12:26.8, 2. Nathaniel Flansburg (WLSV), 3. Sean Driscoll (WLSV).

110H – 1. Xavier Scott (WLSV) 17.3, 2. Jack Davis (WLSV), 3. Jayce Ashton (FIL).

400H – 1. JT Mariotti (WLSV) 1:09.5, 2. Hunter Walp (B-R).

400R – 1. Wellsville (Brantley, Billings, Mariotti, Scott) 49.5, 2. Bolivar-Richburg.

1600R – 1. Wellsville (Perkins, Riley, Cinque, Cooke) 4:46.6.

3200R – 1. Wellsville (Webster, Flansburg, Driscoll, Riley) 12:14.4.

Shot – 1. Grady Ball (WLSV) 38-0, 2. Brian Ashton (FIL), 3. Gage Hartman (FIL).

Discus – 1. Grady Ball (WLSV) 105-4, 2. Noah Black (WLSV), 3. Anthony Donoghue (B-R).

High Jump – 1. Ray Muzaid-Omar (FIL) 5-0, 2. Dustin Murray (B-R), 3. Landon Cinque (WLSV).

Long Jump – 1. Ayden Faulkner (WLSV) 18-4.25, 2. Ray Muzaid-Omar (FIL), 3. Nathaniel Flansburg (WLSV).

Tri Jump – 1. Ayden Faulkner (WLSV) 37-2.5, 2. Ray Muzaid-Omar (FIL), 3. Kamron Dodge (WLSV).

Pole – 1. Brayden Riley (WLSV) 11-6, 2. JT Mariotti (WLSV), 3. Jack Davis (WLSV).

Girls Team Scores: Wellsville 102, Fillmore 28; Wellsville 107, Bolivar-Richburg 24; Fillmore 46.5, Bolivar-Richburg 43.5.

100 – 1. Edahlia Sebastian (WLSV) 14.3, 2. Brooklyn Dahlgren (WLSV), 3. Harmony Brantley (WLSV).

200 – 1. Rachel Hatch (FIL) 28.9, 2. Lauren Viglietta (WLSV), 3. Brooklyn Dahlgren (WLSV).

400 – 1. Kylie Ackerman (WLSV) 1:11.2, 2. Lily Miller (WLSV), 3. Pala Alsworth (WLSV).

800 – 1. Raegan Giardini (B-R) 2:38.5, 2. Ava Sylveseter (FIL), 3. Allie Bidzerkowny (WLSV).

1500 – 1. Ella Green (WLSV) 6:34.7, 2. Sam Bidzerkowny (WLSV).

3000 – 1. Sam Bidzerkowny (WLSV) 16:16.3.

100H – 1. Rachel Hatch (FIL) 18.3, 2. Talia O’Connor (WLSV), 3. Kori Thomas (B-R).

400H – 1. Talia O’Connor (WLSV) 1:20.4, 2. Maddie Muurisepp (WLSV), 3. Kori Thomas (B-R).

400R – 1. Wellsville (Clark, Middaugh, Brantley, Sebastian) 56.6, 2. Fillmore, 3. Bolivar-Richburg.

3200R – 1. Wellsville (A. Bidzerkowny, Green, Budinger, Kinnicutt) 13:38.2

Shot – 1. Kaylee Oswald (WLSV) 36-2.25, 2. Alyssa Dorrough (WLSV), 3. Grace Kinnicutt (WLSV).

Discus – 1. Kaylee Oswald (WLSV) 108-2, 2. Alyssa Dorrough (WLSV), 3. Sarah Mattison (WLSV).

High Jump – 1. Brooklyn Dahlgren (WLSV) 4-6, 2. McKenna Wonderling (WLSV), 3. Joey Danaher (B-R).

Long Jump – 1. Ryleigh Kemp (B-R) 13-1.25, 2. Marissa Weinhauer (WLSV), 3. Addison Hackett (WLSV).

Tri Jump – 1. Carmen Crowley (B-R) 30-11.5, 2. Brena Walp (B-R), 3. Ava Sylvester (FIL).

Pole – 1. Addy Clark (WLSV) 7-0.

Friendship/Scio, Genesee Valley/Belfast at Cuba-Rushford – No report.


Livonia wins in extra innings over Wellsville to drop the Lions to 5-7

LIVONIA — With a wide band of rain working its way through the area on Friday, most of the night’s battles on the slate were held off. But there was enough clearing in sight for the Lions of Wellsville to make a road trip up north to visit an opponent they’ve come to know, especially in recent years — the Livonia Bulldogs.

In their first and only meeting of the regular season, the two foes picked up where they left off from a season ago, where all three games they partook in were decided by no more than two runs. This time around, it was no different.

After the game’s opening stages, it was neck-and-neck. But then Wellsville was able to create an opening with a two-run frame to branch their lead out to three — the largest they would have over the Bulldogs. But the tide began to turn immediately following the Lions and their lead extension.

It was a wave that Livonia was more than capable of surfing.

Down by one, the hosts in blue and orange created some magic at the plate, tying the game in the bottom of the seventh to ultimately force extra innings, where they would provide one final run to scratch across to complete a game-long rally after trailing 4-1 and turn it into what would be a 5-4 walk-off victory in eight innings.

The Lions (5-7) were the first to jump out towards a lead after two innings of play, as both teams connected successfully in their first at-bats, scoring a run on each side before it was branched out upon in the second with another run. With both Logan Dunbar and Conner Benitez continuing to deal for their respective teams, the scoring resumed later on in the top of the fourth when Wellsville struck again, posting what would be their last two runs to take a 4-1 lead on the Bulldogs.

In response, Livonia’s was even more powerful, as they went on to score the last four runs, including a game-tying run in the seventh to force extra innings, needing just one to lay claim on the victory.

Dunbar went the first five innings for the Lions on the hill, striking out nine and walking three. At the plate, the team would collect five hits. Trenton Green would lead the way in that department, going 2-for-3 with a double and RBI. Aiden Cowburn chipped in with a hit, and drove in two of the team’s four runs.

Wellsville will look to bounce it back into the win column on Monday, as they return home to welcome in Addison for a 5 p.m. first pitch.

Wellsville 110 020 00 – 4 5 7

Livonia 100 020 11 – 5 7 2

WLSV – Logan Dunbar (9K, 3BB), Gavin Haggerty (LP, 6) (3K, 4BB) and Trenton Green.

LIV – Conner Benitez (5K, 3BB), Connor Feehan (WP, 5) (4K, 2BB) and Alex Benitez.

Fillmore 15, Genesee Valley/Belfast 5 (F-5)

BELMONT — Although Genesee Valley/Belfast was able to respond to the answers that the Eagles of Fillmore dealt out, the door was broken down by the defending Class D champions in the top of the third, where they were able to take a two-run lead and morph it into nine runs across the next two innings, peeling away and out of reach to pick up their seventh win in eight games by a 15-5 count after five innings.

The tone was set almost immediately by the Eagles (7-1) with their first three runs of the game coming on one single swing at the plate. That was provided by one of the team’s biggest bats in the lineup, Brent Zubikowski, who obliterated a three-run shot to deep left field, garnering just enough distance to make its way over the fence to provide a big crack in the ice against Genesee Valley/Belfast.

Zubikowski would finish as Fillmore’s leading hitter, going 2-for-4 with five total RBI.

Despite the slow beginning, Genesee Valley/Belfast (3-6) was able to hang right with the Eagles across the next inning and change, as their deficit grew to as large as five and to as little a pair after the first two innings of play, which included a Kalen Beardsley two-run single in the bottom of the third to regain traction with a 6-4 deficit to make up going forward.

But for Fillmore, it was time well spent in the fourth, as the offense let loose on an eight-run frame that allowed them to garner all the cushioning they needed to zoom away towards victory behind a 15-run, nine-hit effort on the attack. Following Zubikowski in the lineup was Mitch Ward, who went 2-for-3 with two RBI and two runs scored. Damon Potter drove in two more runs himself.

On the rubber, the victory was awarded to Luke Colombo, who fanned one and walked one.

For Genesee Valley/Belfast, Evan Turybury went 2-for-3 with a double and RBI, while Matt Cater and Carter Stout each had an RBI single.

If the weather permits in the upcoming days, Fillmore will head back home to host a humongous and fierce battle alongside the Arkport/Canaseraga Wolves beginning at 2 p.m. on Saturday, while Genesee Valley/Belfast hops on the bus to visit Alfred-Almond in a 5 p.m. visit on Monday.

Fillmore 338 10 – 15 9 3

Genesee Valley/Belfast 131 00 – 5 5 6

FIL – Luke Colombo (WP) (K, BB), Mitch Ward (5) (2K) and Nolan Krzeminski.

GVB – Thai Norasethaporn (LP) (K, BB), Carter Stout (2) (K), Matt Cater (3) (2K, 2BB), Owen Heaney (4) (BB), Fisher Herdman (5) (2K) and Evan Turybury.

Hinsdale 20, Archbishop Wals

h 2 (F-5)

HINSDALE — The Bobcats of Hinsdale saw the offense erupt on all fronts on their home diamond on Thursday, leaning on solid performances from both Xander Pascucci on the mound and from Tyler Richards at the plate to set the tone against visiting Archbishop Walsh, as they strolled their way towards a 20-2 win after five innings.

Pascucci was solid across the shortened battle on the rubber, as the Hinsdale (3-5) hurler handed out eight chairs and walked five across his start. At the plate, Richards led the bats with a 3-for-4 outing that consisted of five team-high RBI. Along the way, Damion Brown had a bigger bat to add in, going 3-for-3 with a triple and double.

A complete box score on the game was not made available to report upon publication.

Hinsdale returns to the field on Tuesday with a 5 p.m. visit to Fillmore.

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