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Baby Black Bear by Chuck Wiser

Four bears visit the Baldwin’s, enjoy their trees, furniture, backyard and playground toys


By JOHN ANDERSON, video and photos courtesy Linda (Perry) Baldwin

Bob and Linda Baldwin see a bear time to time at their home in Wellsville, but on Sunday, they had four visitors.

The bears had a little fun, climbing the tree near the house and even visited on the porch, almost waiting for someone to bring them ice tea.

(Story and photos continue after the video)

The Baldwin’s calmly video taped the bears and took photos. Linda said, “we usually just see one.”

Bob Baldwin, a hall of fame driver in two states on the local stock car circuit, had a nickname, “The Bird.” In real life, he has bird feeders. The bears helped themselves to The Bird’s bird feeders for the birds.

The bears got up on lawn furniture and tried to play with some of the grandchildren’s playground toys. They appeared to knock over a garbage can as well.

Once they heard, or saw, they were being watched, they raced off into the woods.

Herb Layfield commented he thinks it might be the mom and her triplets who were playing in trees in downtown Allentown last year. Kelly Clemons said “They are absolutely amazing. What a great sight to see in your own yard.”

Edie Starks commented the deer must have told them the family campground is a fun place to hang out. Others said they were lucky to have this view.

Bill Starks joked, “Where is the park ranger when you need him? Not sure if there’s enough picnic baskets for them to go around!”

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