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Wellsville track with sweep as Viglietta, Scott sweep, Joslyn and Mariotti have strong meets (photo gallery)


Photos and story by CHRIS BROOKS, managing editor,

WELLSVILLE — There was simply no better way to put an exclamation point on your season debut than a complete sweep across the board for the Wellsville track stars, as both the boys and girls squads put on a dominant display from start to finish, combining for nearly 30 wins as a cohesive unit to record wins of 87-44 and 103-25 over visiting Cuba-Rushford on a breezy, Tuesday Spring evening.

Powering their 87-44 win over the Rebels, the Wellsville boys team put up a remarkable performance with four different Lions recording at least a pair of first place finishes. Xavier Scott had the most out of the bunch, recording three in all — the 100 dash, 110 hurdles and from the field, in the high jump. Following up were Noah Joslyn, JT Mariotti and Ayden Faulkner, as the trio each strung together a pair of wins themselves to further the team’s cause.

Joslyn paved his way to victory with solid runs in the 800 and 1600, while Mariotti reached big heights in the pole vault before adding a 400 hurdles win to close out his night. Faulkner would round off the trio with triumphant finishes from the sand bunker, in the long and triple jump events.

Wellsville would also chip in with two relay victories, garnering them in the 1600 and 3200 relay events. Other individual winners for the Lions include: Kamron Dodge in the 3200 run and Grady Ball in the Shot Put.

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On the girls side, the Lady Lions were outstanding from start to finish, combining to record 14 first place finishes behind multi-triumph performances from both Lauren Viglietta and Kaylee Oswald. Viglietta recorded three individual triumphs to lead the charge, two from the track, crossing the finish line first in the 200 and 400 dashes, along with a victory from the field in the long jump. Oswald followed with a complete sweep of both throwing events, garnering winning distances on the shot put and discus.

Along with the stand-out individual performances, the Lady Lions garnered a complete sweep of all three relay events, paving the path towards winning times in the 400, 1600 and 3200 relays. The team also collected more individual victories from Grace Kinnicutt in the 800 run, Marissa Weinhauer in the 100 hurdles, Talia O’Connor in the 400 hurdles, Brooklyn Dahlgren in the high jump, Alexa Hennessy in the triple jump and Addy Clark in the pole vault.

After longtime coach Chris Brown officially announced his retirement at the conclusion of last season, Jamie Bump has now stepped into the fold to continue guiding a young and promising Lady Lions team forward into a new era of Wellsville track. One that the program has not witnessed in over 30 years.

With career win No. 1 under her belt, Bump couldn’t be any more pleased.

“This team has a lot of potential, and after today, I am excited to see how this season unfolds,” she said. “The girls came out strong to give us a great first meet. Lauren Viglietta and Edahlia Sebastian were strong in the sprints for us, as well as our throwers, Kaylee Oswald, Alyssa Dorough and Grace Kinnicutt for taking 1-2-3 in both events. I am so proud of everyone.”

On the other side, the Lady Rebels were paced by a two-win performance from Libby Drum, taking both distance events in triumphant fashion with winning times in the 1500 and 3000 runs. Brynn Lavery chipped in with a 100 dash victory.

For the boys team, Anderson Siegel, Ethan Coleman and Tristan Clayson pitched in with the lone individual finishes, placing first in the 200 dash, 400 dash and discus events respectively. The team would also record a winning time in the 400 relay event. The Rebels will head for Invitational action in Franklinville, beginning on Saturday.

Wellsville will have one more meet before their annual Steeplechase meet this weekend, as they prepare for a 5 p.m. visit to Alfred-Almond on Thursday.

Boys Team Scores: Wellsville 87, Cuba-Rushford 44.

100 – 1. Xavier Scott (WLSV) 12.0, 2. Anderson Siegel (C-R), 3. Ethan Coleman (C-R).

200 – 1. Anderson Siegel (C-R) 25.4, 2. Evan Billings (WLSV), 3. Reece Brantley (WLSV).

400 – 1. Ethan Coleman (C-R) 59.1, 2. Ayden Faulkner (WLSV), 3. Maddox Keller (C-R).

800 – 1. Noah Joslyn (WLSV) 2:24.9, 2. Joe Wojciechowski (C-R), 3. Riley Wilson (C-R).

1600 – 1. Noah Joslyn (WLSV) 5:26.2, 2. Joe Wojciechowski (C-R), 3. Kamron Dodge (WLSV).

3200 – 1. Kamron Dodge (WLSV) 13:32.3, 2. Sean Driscoll (WLSV).

110H – 1. Xavier Scott (WLSV) 16.1.

400H – 1. JT Mariotti (WLSV) 1:12.9.

400R – 1. Cuba-Rushford (Siegel, Baron, Hunt, Ahrens) 49.1, 2. Wellsville.

1600R – 1. Wellsville (Billings, Mariotti, Joslyn, Faulkner) 3:58.3, 2. Cuba-Rushford.

3200R – 1. Wellsville (Dodge, Flansburg, Mariotti, Joslyn) 11:18.4.

Shot – 1. Grady Ball (WLSV) 38-0.25, 2. Tristan Clayson (C-R), 3. Chris Hupp (C-R).

Discus – 1. Tristan Clayson (C-R) 116-3, 2. Grady Ball (WLSV), 3. Josh Grover (C-R).

High Jump – 1. Xavier Scott (WLSV) 5-2, 2. Landon Cinque (WLSV).

Long Jump – 1. Ayden Faulkner (WLSV) 18-8.5, 2. Peyton Joy (C-R), 3. Brenton Ahrens (C-R).

Tri Jump – 1. Ayden Faulkner (WLSV) 38-1.25, 2. Brenton Ahrens (C-R), 3. Kamron Dodge (WLSV).

Pole – 1. JT Mariotti (WLSV) 11-0, 2. Brayden Riley (WLSV), 3. Jack Davis (WLSV).

Girls Team Scores: Wellsville 103, Cuba-Rushford 25.

100 – 1. Brynn Lavery (C-R) 14.2, 2. Edahlia Sebastian (WLSV), 3. Harmony Brantley (WLSV).

200 – 1. Lauren Viglietta (WLSV) 29.3, 2. Edahlia Sebastian (WLSV), 3. Brynn Lavery (C-R).

400 – 1. Lauren Viglietta (WLSV) 1:11.2, 2. Kendall Tompkins (C-R), 3. Karleigh Truax (C-R).

800 – 1. Grace Kinnicutt (WLSV) 3:08.6, 2. Allie Bidzerkowny (WLSV), 3. Ella Green (WLSV).

1500 – 1. Libby Drum (C-R) 5:54.1, 2. Ella Green (WLSV), 3. Sam Bidzerkowny (WLSV).

3000 – 1. Libby Drum (C-R) 12:30.6, 2. Sam Bidzerkowny (WLSV).

100H – 1. Marissa Weinhauer (WLSV) 21.0, 2. Addy Clark (WLSV), 3. Talia O’Connor (WLSV).

400H – 1. Talia O’Connor (WLSV) 1:24.3.

400R – 1. Wellsville (Clark, Middaugh, Brantley, Sebastian) 57.7.

1600R – 1. Wellsville 4:53.2.

3200R – 1. Wellsville 14:00.1.

Shot – 1. Kaylee Oswald (WLSV) 32-10.25, 2. Alyssa Dorrough (WLSV), 3. Grace Kinnicutt (WLSV).

Discus – 1. Kaylee Oswald (WLSV) 103-4, 2. Alyssa Dorrough (WLSV), 3. Grace Kinnicutt (WLSV).

High Jump – 1. Brooklyn Dahlgren (WLSV) 4-7, 2. Marissa Weinhauer (WLSV), 3. McKennah Patten (C-R).

Long Jump – 1. Lauren Viglietta (WLSV) 13-7.75, 2. Brynn Lavery (WLSV), 3. Karleigh Truax (C-R).

Tri Jump – 1. Alexa Hennessy (WLSV) 24-2.5.

Pole – 1. Addy Clark (WLSV) 6-0.

NY Land Quest congratulates all student athletes

Salamanca brings out brooms in road sweep of GV/Belfast

BELMONT — The Salamanca Warriors came, saw and conquered the day over the road on Tuesday to help open up the track season, as they coasted their way towards victory with a complete sweep over host Genesee Valley/Belfast, taking a 87.5-41.5 decision in boys division battle to pair with an 81-45 win on the girls side.

Genesee Valley/Belfast was powered by five wins for their boys squad, and four wins for the girls, with Zach Bourne leading the pack with his sweep of both hurdling events on the track, crossing the finish line first with wins in both the 110 and 400 hurdles. Callahan Tallman and Brayden Cooper each had an individual win themselves on the track, garnering triumphs in the 800 and 1600 runs. The boys team would also collect a 3200 relay victory along the way.

On the girls side, three different track stars picked up wins to fuel the team’s efforts, with Sophia Gambino, Angel Jimerson and Adison Grusendorf coming away victorious. Jimerson and Grusendorf helped provide Genesee Valley/Belfast a strong showing from both throwing events, providing the sweep with wins in the shot put and discus respectively, while Gambino added in a 400 relay win from the track. The team would also contribute a winning time in the 1600 relay.

Genesee Valley/Belfast returns to action this weekend with Invitational action in Franklinville, beginning Saturday afternoon.

NY Land Quest congratulates all student athletes

Boys Team Scores: Salamanca 87.5, Genesee Valley/Belfast 41.5.

100 – 1. Zack Tritley (SAL) 12.1, 2. Kyle Lecceradone (SAL), 3. Bryce Davis (GVB).

200 – 1. Archer Newark (SAL) 24.3, 2. Jesse Hill (SAL), 3. Damian Rinker (GVB).

400 – 1. Arlen Newark (SAL) 53.8, 2. Jesse Hill (SAL), 3. Damian Rinker (GVB).

800 – 1. Callahan Tallman (GVB) 2:39.6, 2. Aiden George (SAL).

1600 – 1. Brayden Cooper (GVB) 5:54.5, 2. Aiden George (SAL).

3200 – 1. Taylor Hayes (SAL) 13:24.5.

110H – 1. Zach Bourne (GVB) 16.4, 2. Hayden Burnell (GVB), 3. Jordan Green (SAL).

400H – 1. Zach Bourne (GVB) 1:13.0, 2. Jackson Drew (SAL).

400R – 1. Salamanca 47.2, 2. Genesee Valley/Belfast.

1600R – 1. Salamanca 4:02.3, 2. Genesee Valley/Belfast, 3. Salamanca.

3200R – 1. Genesee Valley/Belfast (Tallman, Webb-Aylor, Rinker, Cooper) 10:21.4, 2. Salamanca.

Shot – 1. Zack Tritley (SAL) 32-11, 2. Keegan Hardy (SAL), 3. Bryce Davis (GVB).

Discus – 1. Keegan Hardy (SAL) 86-1, 2. Even Spruce (SAL), 3. Zack Tritley (SAL).

High Jump – 1. Arlen Newark (SAL) 5-7, 2. Callahan Tallman (GVB), 3. Kenton Shultz (GVB).

Long Jump – 1. Archer Newark (SAL) 18-10, 2. Callahan Tallman (GVB), 3. Jackson Drew (SAL).

Tri Jump – 1. Jackson Drew (SAL) 28-10, 2. Kenton Shultz (GVB).

Girls Team Scores: Salamanca 81, Genesee Valley/Belfast 45.

100 – 1. Summer Downey (SAL) 14.1, 2. Rhiannin Chase (SAL), 3. Aubrey Geoppner (GVB).

200 – 1. Summer Downey (SAL) 30.1, 2. Emalee Carman (GVB), 3. Samayah Lussier (GVB).

400 – 1. Sophia Gambino (GVB) 1:06.0, 2. Isabella Milks (SAL), 3. Sierra Haynoski (SAL).

800 – 1. Ryanna Brady (SAL) 2:49.0, 2. Sophie Zillgitt (GVB), 3. Gabby Bly (SAL).

1500 – 1. Ryanna Brady (SAL) 7:37.8, 2. Gabby Bly (SAL).

3000 – 1. Ryanna Brady (SAL) 13:08.4.

100H – 1. Michaelynn Lecceradone (SAL) 18.7, 2. Allyson Hazelton (GVB), 3. Kyla Dry (SAL).

400H – 1. Michaelynn Lecceradone (SAL) 1:34.7, 2. Kyla Dry (SAL).

400R – 1. Salamanca 57.9, 2. Genesee Valley/Belfast.

1600R – 1. Genesee Valley/Belfast (Gambino, Lussier, Hazelton, Zillgitt), 2. Salamanca.

3200R – 1. Salamanca 12:23.5, 2. Genesee Valley/Belfast.

Shot – 1. Angel Jimerson (GVB) 27-10, 2. Madison Mohr (SAL), 3. Adison Grusendorf (GVB).

Discus – 1. Adison Grusendorf (GVB) 63-6, 2. Angel Jimerson (GVB), 3. Morgan Bentley (GVB).

High Jump – 1. Isabella Milks (SAL) 4-8, 2. Sierra Haynoski (SAL), 3. Sophia Gambino (GVB).

Long Jump – 1. Isabella Milks (SAL) 13-7, 2. Sophie Zillgitt (GVB), 3. Allyson Hazelton (GVB).

Tri Jump – 1. Michaelynn Lecceradone (SAL) 30-4.5, 2. Morgan Bentley (GVB).

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