Update: Wind turbine fire in western Steuben County


The fire self-extinguished late Tuesday, green energy roasted on social media

By Andrew Harris, photo provided

A sole wind turbine, set four hundred feet in the air, exploded into flames yesterday on the Allegany and Steuben County line. Officially in Steuben county, officials from both counties were on the scene. One top ranking Allegany County official quipped that the crowd gathered on the back roads had a festival-like atmosphere, “It’s bigger than Gabby Hayes Days out here!”

The good news is that the fire was isloated and no one was injured. As the picture taken this morning confirms, the tower didn’t fall over and the blades didn’t fall off.

Social media, and many of the residents of that area known for still producing oil and gas, considered this fire dramatic evidence that “green energy” is unsustainable.

The Steuben County Emergency Services Coordinator Tim Marshall told WLEA’s Brian O’Neil this today:

“Rexville/West Union fire department along with Greenwood responded to a Wind Mill Fire off Cemetery Hill Road in West Union.  I don’t have too many details other than there was a fire at the top of the wind turbine.  Fire units could not extinguish the fire due to the height of the fire at the top of the turbine.  Units remained on the scene for several hours and turned the situation over to the Wind Mill Company which was eight point winds.  I have not heard this morning if the situation is resolved or not, but there is no danger to the public.”

Read our original breaking news on the fire with some great image from readers.

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